Dual 6374 may be too close?any issues?

So i fitted 2 6374 in a street carver with @Idea motor mount with 8in pneumatic wheels but i wanted to know has anyone ever had issues with motors that are literally a hair away from each other?

I’ve run some close to that before. I might add an extra speed ring on each side and got a skosh wider apart. But it should work fine. If they flex and hit - that’s why i’d move them a smidge wider each side.


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Thats actually as far as i can fit everything if i move the mounts they will hit the wheel pulleys if i modify the pulleys any further then the belts will hit the tires. So i might have to change to 6364 motors. I wanted to use these but im not worried just didnt want any electrical issues to rise up because the motors are way to close or even mechanical issues due to them rubbing so much. @sl33py

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I think someone had an issue before like this where the two motors were close that, (wasn’t confirmed but plausible,) arcing occured and/or motor cans rubbed against each other.

Gotcha - yeah “due to them rubbing so much” will probably be an issue. BUT there is an easy fix. Speed rings!

I did this on my Dual 5065’s on Paris 195’s. I cut some 8mm CF tubes about 5mm long and spaced the wheel out to give me enough room to have dual 5065 motors. The limitation is threads and low profile safety nuts/nylock nuts so they still are secured on the axle threads.

Instead of CF tube - you can simply stack a few speed rings to push the wheel out a smidge - which will give you clearance in-between the motors!

Found an old pic to show you my clearance - a lot more room.

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Yea i have speed rings in between the wheels already but if there is a possibility i rather not risk it. I will just use the 6364 motors i have and switch them to this build Atleast in the other board i have enough space for the 6374 motors

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You will not fit two SK3 6374 motors with Hypa wheels, That’s why I applied two SK3 6364 190kV


I was able to fit them but i dont want to risk any injury or electrical failure because they r way too close. So i switched them. Lol

As you see SK3 6374 are actually 86mm(?) long which can cause unexpected problems.

You are supposed to use additional speed rings to bring the wheel itself further out. Have you tried that? There should be a couple mm left on the axle that you can utilize.

So this issue happens only on sk3? Not on Maytech 6374 motors?

Im used 6 speed rings on each side thats the moat i could fit before the wheel could not be bolted on. And thats when i took the picture. I even modded the wheel pulley so it can fit in that tight space. It seems i would need some other motor but who else sells 6374 149kv motors?

Man, what about using one or two washing to put the wheel more farther from the truck? I mean, between the wheel and the truck, you will gain something like 1mm or 1.5mm

Yep only with sk3. Structure of sk3 is little differend than most of 6374 or any other sizes

Thats what i used the speed rings for. Might mod the wheel pulley a bit more so i can move the mounts a bit more forward i really want to use the 6374s. Thats my only reason lol

Would you know who else sells 6374 149kv motors?

Can’t find any. APS has some 170kv and130kv but those are in backorder and comes with 10mm shaft.

I checked those and they look like they will fit better than the ones i have. But does APS customize the shaft size? Or just the kv? Im probably going to contact them and ask.

Why didn’t you get 190kv motors and adjusted your pulleys accordingly?

There wouldn’t be a difference if they were still 6374s. I have adjusted the pulleys too im basically trying to fit the biggest item into a small space.