Dual 6374 on MBS wheels

Any advice about truck,motor mount?

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Torqueboards 218mm trucks, and @marcmt88 ‘s mounts If you want to use sk3 «6374» motors, which actually is 5986 or so…

I got already on TB 6374 so I wanna buy another one,do you think 218mm is enough for MBS wheels?those use a lot of space on the truck


They dont use any more than 107’s, do they?

Yes because I’m using the same thing

I had to find a motor mounting system that would work for this an older Ground Industries Bionic mountain board truck system that has 12mm solid axle with 2mm x 2mm aluminum body over the axles. Yes non standard… Rithblu of ACT made me a set of custom hanger clamps. Solid workmanship. +++++ customer service.

Search him up on the list he may be able to help…

It’s enough just use a spacer and a washer to move the wheel away from the axle a little bit. See my thread here where i use the same but with bigger 6384 motors from @JLabs at buildkitboards.com https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/the-rust-rocket-bintang-deck-10s4p-vesc-mbs-all-terrain-dual-6384-190kv/49250

My 2nd build :point_down: is based on TB 218 + TB Reversed Mount + @marcmt88 15 mm, 44T Acetal Delrin wheel pulley + MBS 100 mm wheels and just one goliath Tacon 160 Bigfoot (two of them will fit inside without problem)…


Damn bro that’s looks sick awesome can’t wait to make mine

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I betrayed @marcmt88 with the TB Reversed Mount :yum: :relaxed: (but since I don’t want him to take me out of his will) I promised Marc I’ll get two (2) of his Janux mounts + another acetal delrin pulley when the time comes and I decide to go with two motors. You can do the same and all should be fine with the TB 218 and whatever 6374 motors you decide to install. They both fit inside.