Dual 6374 Upgrade

So I am currently running a single 6374 setup linked here: https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/first-build-an-attempt-at-performance-on-a-budget/24468/26?u=penny_pincher. The setup has remained basically unchanged this entire time, and it performs well but there are a few things that I want to change so I figured I might as well go for an overhaul. The main issue I am having is with the motor mount- no matter what I do (including drilling into the trucks and using locktite) I cannot seem to get it to stay fixed for more than a month of riding at a time before I have to do it again. This is getting annoying and I want a different mounting system. Also, having to charge the Lipos with a balance charger is a tedious process and the fact that I am using an xt-90 instead of a power switch is also not very convenient.

Basically what I know about the build is this:

  • dual sealed 6374 from Maytech
  • 15mm belts and pulleys from ebay (i’ve had good luck with them in the past)
  • 10s (probably 4p) battery (need help)
  • 90 mm wheels that i’m currently using on my board
  • dual Maytech VESC (currently running single maytech VESC on my build)
  • Remote and Receiver - I have been using it without issue until now
  • Trucks and mounts will also be from Maytech

What I need help with

  • Deck- I can either reuse the same beat- up rayne deck from my current build or I can use my Loaded Fattail, but I don’t know what enclosure to use with that.
  • Enclosure- If I use the rayne board I think I can get one from @psychotiller, but if I want to use the Fattail deck, i’m not sure that any enclosures exist for it.
  • Battery- I don’t know what battery configuration and form factor to use and where I should get it from.

Any and all input welcome! my goal is for this board to be powerful, fast, and above all- reliable. Let me know what you all think.

4p what battery?

30Q seems to be all the rage these days. I 10s4p is what I was planning on doing but depending on which deck I end up using I’ll either want a flatpack or a stacked pack. That’s the main issue i’m having for choosing a batter pack right now.

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30Q is a good choice.

Yeah for now it’s the best choice with the VTC6

benifits of a 30q over a 25r?

thermal properties. 10char

@ElskerShadow and @bimmer can either of you recommend a enclosures that would work with the Loaded Fattail? I was wondering if the @Eboosted vanguard enclosures might work on this deck as well.

Loaded vanguard could work, but they are designed for vanguards

I have a Flex 3 I’m willing to sell $150 shipped in the US. mint condition, no holes

I’m not really looking for another deck right now- and I also really like the kicktail on the Fattail which the vanguard doesn’t have. I also have an Original Apex 40 Diamond Drop that I could theoretically use for this build. I appreciate the offer though.

np. I was going to post it. been lazy