Dual-belt N5055 Shortboard Build [SF-Bay Area]

Hi guys,

See below for my build. As of today, I will have all of the parts except the 10S battery and the enclosure. This will be ridden in SF. I’m excited to join the other Bay Area eSk8ers!

I went with the following components:

eboard-shop dual motor 5055 kit

Idler pully mod
  • I intend to do a DIY idler pulley mod on the motor mounts based on @sch_dk’s post
eboard-shop dual ESC https://www.ebay.com/itm/302538835504 eBay BMS 10"x 33" short board
  • The wheel base clearance isn’t very long, not sure yet what to do about enclosure
  • 10 miles range is enough for me. Kick tail with decent torque is more important to me than top speed and range


  • Last decision is the 10S battery, which I think will be Lipos
  • Update: I have purchased 2x 5S 500mah 25C Turnigy Lipos, which I will run in series (10S):


  • Enclosure will be difficult since it will need to be short.
  • I am going to start off with a cheap Ikea mod, then later decide on a permanent enclosure solution.
  • I’ll purchase the following two items and use whichever works best

https://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/60177227/ https://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/60315865/

Curious to hear your thoughts! Anyone have experience with these components?


I am using an IKEA utensil tray on one of my boards.

Are you satisfied with it as an enclosure? Also, how deep is the concave on your deck? I am a bit worried about these trays because of the flat surfaces.

Haven’t got that far yet.

How fast can you go

I’ve a bit behind on my build and haven’t finished it yet.

I have all parts except enclosure-mounting hardware, but haven’t yet assembled everything. The electronics wiring definitely is more involved than I’d expected, but should hopefully be wrapped up soon.

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