Dual ebay esc with one motor?

Hi everyone, I had a hard time finding any answers to this question so I’m creating a new topic on it and sorry if this is an newbie spam question. I’m planning on building a budget board with an ebay esc with one motor to start with but planning on adding another one in the future so can I use a dual esc with one motor and later just add the second motor?

i doubt that will work, every brushless esc i know fries if powered without motor.

ok, thanks for the help

It works perfectly fine, I’ve been running mine with one motor for a while now

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but does the second still work?

It works but you will have less torque and speed of course. I’d get a cheap Flipsky ESC (VESC 4.12) if I were you so you’ll get the maximum out of your motor. When you want to go dual you just need another ESC. Two of the FS ESCs will cost only little bit more compared to a dual black box ESC but they offer much more flexibility.

Dunno, I snapped a phase lead between the two part pcb that’s why that sides not used