Dual ESC from ebay

Hi I am planning to buy this vesc: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Dual-motors-longboard-skateboard-controller-with-remote-ESC-Substitute-/302332736118?/ And I am wondering I you guys could help me out The guy said that it can handle 30A and 1300W for each motor I have a few questions about So most of the motors that I see are rated at 60-90A

Does that mean I cant use them and I need to find a motor that is rated at 30A and below 1300W?

Can I put the output of the vesc to paralel and use it with a 2000W motor that is rated between 60-90A?

Or what motors do you guys recommend?

Please read some more - the answers are on this forum

This is also not a VESC…


Could you give me a link that explains this?

Sorry Im just getting started with this

Which is why I am not just giving you a link that will answer your question. The most important part is to get familiar with the way things work. You will only get there by reading.

Start here: http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/start-here-faq-for-diy-electric-skateboard-builders/215


Thanks a lot!

It will work fine your.board (motor) will have more room.

A lot depends on what batteries.u gonna use, as that might limit “available power” way more than what motor rating says.

If you run motor at half the max it will be.just cooler and wont struggle as much.

Remember esc - speed controller, is just the middle part between battery and.motor… it regulates how much and.in.what way motor receices the power, so battery / esc adjustment.will.bring more difference than motor.choice

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I will make a 6s6p battery pack from lg inr18650 2850mAh batteries They are rated at 10A so is that mean they can give me about 60A?

I would recommend another cell Like the LG HE2 or Samsung 25R. Better ratings == less sagg

listen to @evoheyax, him and @Hummie are mechanical engineers from Stanford U