Dual Flipsky 6.6 VESC tool not connecting

When connecting to the VESC through the VESC tool (pc or mobile give same problem) I can connect to one side of the VESC but not the other. It will say something about firmware needs to be the same as the other VESC but it won’t connect to the VESC and read what firmware is there now. Currently running 3.58, I updated both VESCs but it’s like one of the updates didn’t take and with it not recognizing the VESC while connected it is impossible to try to re-do the update, hope that made sense.

Is my VESC fucked?

I had the same issue once before. I just reflashed the older stable firmware and it worked fine

I want to try doing that but like I mentioned after plugging in the USB (or trying to connect over VESC smartphone app it connects then replies one of two responses: “Both VESC’s must have the same firmware installed” - they do, or “VESC firmware is old firmware please make sure it’s plugged into the correct port”. It may not be word for word the same but it’s very close. No matter which message I get however, the connection is dropped immediately after that response. Hence, since I can’t connect to it, I can’t verify that it is on 3.58 firmware nor can I attempt to re-flash the firmware.

I’m just spit balling here but, first, how can it even be plugged into the wrong port? There is only one USB port for each VESC, in my case two since it’s a dual (one for the left and one for the right). Sure, they communicate over CANBUS but the port is still physically attached to that side of the VESC.

Same problem, I have got it to work both motors spinning and breaking, but when I try the remote wizard. it says one of my vesc is out of date. I got the pro, my anti spark switch dosent work either. my remote wont let me change the values up or down. had to just stop, put it down before I put it threw a wall. hopefully someone figures it out.

Yeah, I have to agree with you. Every couple of days I’ll pick up the board and trying going at it again but too much time fucking with it getting nowhere and I’ll get pissed and want to spike it off the asphalt. I bought two Flipsky FSESC 6’s and one was DOA while the other worked for about a month and now it’s a worthless piece of shit. At best I can get one motor to turn but for whatever reason the single motor can not power the board around (like say a single motor skateboard), which isn’t right because the motors are scary fast AF even in the lowest speed setting (I rode my Haloboard and Qu4tro 4WD mfg boards at top speed the majority of the time, with this board oh hell no, suicide).

Anyhow, thanks for the share, welcome to the forum. At least I’m not the only person going through this - not that I want you to go through this but you get what I’m saying. Hopefully a fix will come along soon for us.

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I remember having a similar issue as in only 1 side of the fsesc would update. Try plugging in your BT module into the other side of the fsesc and update firmware via the vesc app. It worked for me.

Already tried and failed. Thanks anyway though

Flipsky has amazing technical service. They will even respond to you over their YouTube channel which they check daily from what I can tell. They can tell you exactly what is going on, and perhaps even provide a solution. Good luck!