Dual Focbox Case from @Kug3lis = 45€

Hi all,

Since I’m eager to get the new model that sticks to the enclosure I don’t need this one anymore. It’s the V1, same as V2 with shorter fins:

Price on the website is 60€ for V2 so I’m asking 45€ plus shipping. It’s new, never used.

Shipped from Madrid, Spain.

Cheers, Pablo

Hello…Do you know if you can send it and what the shipping would be to toronto Canada

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Hey @Frenchy

Sorry I was away on holidays :slight_smile:

I checked online and the estimate is 30€/35$… not so bad, I expected more.

Let me know if you are still interested!

Damn shipping from 3dservisas to the US is only 7 euros

You said the magic word… Usa, in canada the shipping costs are way higher and delivery takes longer…

I have a Dual Focbox v1 case without Fins from @Kug3lis if anyone is interested. I’m not using it and located in the US. Asking $60 shipped. I can also trade toward a FOCBOX + cash. PM me if interested

Any chance you still have one?

I have a new one I don’t plan on using. If you are located in the US, $60 shipped

Yea Im in the usa and yes l would like to buy it.

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Yes, I still have it. Used, but I’ll do $50 obo shipped. Let me know

I think I am going to buy the one Mike has. He has the one I was looking for originally. Thanks though. @dAeM0N1K3

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Anyone here still have one for sale? :sweat_smile:

Yep i have one brand new, PM me if you are keen

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