Dual FocBox fully enclosed CNC machined case

@Mobutusan yes, there is enough space for every connector. Which plug do you mean?

@BigBrit Fully enclosed water “tight”, better heat dissipation. Also, don’t forget it just a prototype single piece, the end result will be a dual case.

You have my attention, looking forward to seeing where this goes. Consider me interested in purchasing the end product

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I was mainly concerned about the male-male servo wire we need to use to connect the receiver, although I think this would only be an issue on the older FOCBOX and VESC-X versions that don’t have the servo/receiver wire built in.

It appears that the reference version he has here is one of the old ones with the plug for the receiver, so I would imagine he planned for that. The new ones are easier obviously because they have the wires already soldered to the board.

In the one picture, you can see the receiver wires coming out of the grommet.

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Sneek peak


My next build will be single motor with FOC BOX so I will be interested in final product when complete.

Sorry, but it will be only dual.


Another prototype run. There will be an option to buy with fins (higher case bit heavier) and without.


Awesome. Will there be a rubber seal between the two parts, other than those grommets used for the wires? Anyway you can think of making this waterproof?

I often skate in bad weather/typically don’t let it stop me and often don’t have a choice.

How can it be mounted to the deck?

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this is sweeeet !! Can you give us rough dimensions you have so far ? width height ?


You could use gasket sealant or some high temp silicone equivalent, getting them made exactly would require expensive tooling or an expensive farming out to a supplier

Awesome @Kug3lis I want at least one of eachmaybe more depending on price point :heart_eyes::+1: any thoughts on an introductory offer for first batch?


Looks great. Keep up the amazing work.

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Let us know when you’ll start taking our money :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, this is a must-have item if it can be waterproofed and rockproofed.

Serious question though that I’ve had issues with before, are the fins far enough apart to fit fat fingers & washclothes in-between so I can wipe the road grime off? Trying to clean fins that are closer than finger-width apart is a pain in the rear.

I’d rather have half as many fins if it means it takes a tenth the time to clean them


@telnoi there is no rubber seal but it has really tight fit so water splashes and some water will definitely not pass through. There is an option to order custom made but the price will be as for a single prototype run a lot bigger.

The mounting will be through holes you see in pictures. There also will be an option to buy a mounting plate to have our old style ears as many people complained that those mounting ears are not needed.

@NAF around something like this 70mm x 140mm x 28mm

@banjaxxed there will not be a single unit as most people who use focboxes are only using them in the dual configuration.

@b264 first world problems :joy: The fins are 3mm width. There will be option to buy without fins it will be cheaper and lower than with fins (for those build who put them in boxes and etc.)

Still problems nonetheless LoLz. Seriously though, I won’t get the one with fins if I can’t clean it, but I might bolt a regular heatsink to it that can be removed and put in a dishwasher. I ride a LOT and stuff gets super-dirty

I need one of those :heart_eyes: Beautiful work @Kug3lis

Super easy. One of those cheap long bristle toothbrush.

It’s not so deep I think 5mm or something like that, so it shouldn’t be a problem to use toothbrush to clean it up.

That’s not the point. The point is not having to use a toothbrush to clean it. That’s the whole thing I’m saying. Not trying to solve for fingers not fitting… but saying this is a big part of how good this design is, if fingers can wipe it clean with a cloth

I want no I need fins, glinting their parallel eye candy farkly glints at me

Might be nice if the fins are filleted at the front and rear to deal with unexpected glance when leaving the sidewalk, rather than being ripped off the deck it might have a chance of turning into a skidpan…90 degree angle avoidance

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