Dual FocBox fully enclosed CNC machined case

As many have requested, today we started working on dual FocBox CNC machined case. Here are some early prototype pictures. This is only single case as the reference to figure out all the holes and design needed, later on, it will made into a dual case.

Thanks for @banjaxxed for providing Focbox as a reference for the design.


We finally finalized the pricing and models for:

  • Single FocBox case without fins (26mm height) 30€ + shipping
  • Dual FocBox case with fins (31mm height) 50€ + shipping
  • Dual FocBox case without fins (26mm height) 40€ + shipping

We currently collecting pre-orders to know how much we would need to manufacture for the first batch. A pre-order will be you will have to pay 5€ for confirmation that you going to buy it. Then we finish you will get 5€ coupon code to deduce 5€ you paid from the final price.

Pre-order is needed so we could order required amount of material and save time on manufacture as we depend on 3rd party service for anodization.

You can get this from online store. https://shop.3dservisas.eu/collections/FocBox


What’s the gap from the where the fets are to where the pcb sit?

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U mean from pcb level to mosfet?

The pcb standoff height to where the fets sit

Looks great ! Maybe try to improve stealth because it’s very bulky

Anyways, the blue heat sink had a 1.4mm standoff with a 1mm gap pad. The black heatsink has a 2.4mm with a 2mm gap pad

@Blasto I dont know now correct number, but its calculated that it should enough with thermal conductive isolator to touch the alu with a bit of force.

@ElskerShadow It’s smallest possible otherwise you will have same opened design as original Focbox

Any way to machine a truck hanger / dual focbox holder / motor mount? So add a pivot and bushing seats and an axle with the two focboxes and screw holes for motors

What do you mean?


@JohnnyMeduse i never said that. Was asking for the gap measurement

Sorry my Bad

I mean is there any way to make a truck hanger that includes focbox mounts and motor holders, and of course, pivots and bushing seat and a 305mm axle

Yeah of course everything is possible, just give me your bank account access details and I will take what I need for it :smiley:


^^^^^ :joy: :smile:

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Fair enough. But the question was more directed at “Do you think there is a way to physically lay that out so it will work nicely” ha ha ha


As I said everything is possible just give me all your money :smiley:


I know what you are thinking Brian… it is 306.4 mm to be precise. :wink:

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That case looks great. Is there adequate clearance for the receiver wire plug? The case looks nice and low profile, but that plug sticks up a bit farther than the rest.


What is the aim for this product? Better thermal dissipation?