Dual Focbox setup (canbus)

Hey guys I know there a multiple threads but I dont know what Iam missing for using my dual focbox. Motor detection I did on both and everything fine everything should be configured right but the second motor isnt spinning maybe Iam missing out sth. Iam able to connect to the other focbox over can forward so there should be just a small mistake.

Maybe someone can help me out!:smiley: Would be awesome!!

Here are some pictures of the configuration


focbox%20master focbox%20master2


focbox%20slave focbox%20slave%202

One the slave set it to “no app”

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Try no control mode on the slave.

Damnit @L3chef you beat me to it.


thanks for the fast answers guys!:wink: I disabled control mode and made no app at the slave but still only one motor spinning

And you reboted the vesc’s? :smiley:

do I have to set “send status over can” on both or just on the slave?:smiley:

yes I did mhhhhhh

Ah, remove “multiple esc over can” on slave


And as you allready have. Send status over can only on slave


ok I did that so when I press the brake and try to turn the second motor I can feel its “breaking” but its not spinning somehow.

or does the motor need some force it can work against? ^^

Sensor or sensorless?

sensored maybe thats why?:smiley:

Hmm no… Could be you need to swap one of the phase wires and do the motor detection etc again.


That did it! OMGGGGGG THANK YOU !!! <3

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Ride on brother!

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Yeah so my build is nearly finished now ill post some pictures in no words just picutures soon :))


Nice :ok_hand:

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