Dual hub motor kv size for 10s3p

hello im a new builder and im looking for some help with my build in relation to motor size im using samsung 30q for a 10s3p motors will be hummie. i weight around 87kg no major hills in my area but still would like to be able to take on some if need be. i want a fast board with torque ive been told to go with 80kv but dont really know why i know this will give me torque and if i increase the kv past a certain point the iron in the motor wont be affected meaning no increase in speed just heat. im just worried that 80kv will give me torque but no real speed i would like to be getting 35km or 45km but im not sure if i will so what im looking for is that sweet spot of battery efficiency torque and speed. id appreciate any help thanks

You should talk to @Hummie If anyone can help you with this, he can.

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Thats who told me to go with 80kv just thought he might be busy at the moment. ill ask him so. thanks

40kph is like 25mph and on 10s that will happen with you being 190lbs and 80kv. but if you want to look at grin tech motor simulator you can find it on the web and after you figure how to adjust it it seems to show even a higher kv motors can be pretty efficient at lower speeds if youre gentle on the throttle. I think you’ll be good with the 80kv still. you will have it all you’ll see

80kv it is so thanks bro.:slight_smile: ill check out that simulator thing to sounds cool