Dual KD 53-30 dual motor skateboard range from 32 miles

Hi guys, I want to make a dual motor skateboard I want to use KD 53-30 ( https://hobbyking.com/nl_nl/kd-53-30-high-voltage-brushless-outrunner-190kv.html ) but I don’t now which esc and that kind of stuff so can anyone help me please I want a range from 32 miles

@DualMountainboard You will need a large battery to get that much range. You should use a vesc or an ESC based off of the original vesc design.

You should spend some time reading the FAQ and newbie questions threads, that will help fill in some of the blanks.

Sorry mate, but no one is gonna set up a full parts list for you. This is DIY, you will need to read a lot yourself.


@DualMountainboard What Fred said. I’ll give pointers and advice, but you have to do the work. You have to research, you have to do the reading. YOU have to understand what you need to know to succeed.


Look for 18650 packs with more than 600wh+ capacity. @barajabali can get you hooked up for a custom pack. :wink: And try to get 63mm motors and vesc’s, preferably foc box if you have the money.

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