Dual motor 6374

hi iam new and want to build my first esk8. i want to build a dual belt drive with 2 6374 motors what is the best way to mount this sice it doesnt fit side by side on a caliber || fifty 10" i have seen a couple of options.

  1. metroboard style (one motor on the rear heel side and one on the front toe side)
  2. boosted + evolve style ( one motor under the board like boosted and one on the outside like evolve)
  3. one close to the truck and one a bit further out .
  4. use mountainboard trucks with normal wheels (14 inche ) if you have anny other ideal also pleas let me know

Or get wider trucks…



It depends what you want and how you will be using it.

If skating in rain or snow is on the agenda, I would suggest dual diagonal.

Otherwise, if you want a narrow truck, I would not use 6374 and use 6355 instead. But all the options you listed work, just depends what you want.

thats what i mean with mountainboard trucks becuse there 14 inches

no my reason iam using dual 6374 is because i want to start with single drive and when i saved a bit more money i want to add a second motor.

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That’s legit.

Dual diagonal makes a lot of sense then.

so the metroboard style i was talking about?

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Yes; I would put the first motor on the rear heelside.

oke thanks

This kit on below link+2pcs of 6374 motor = 168us , plus shipping


This is a fantastic offer for those on a budget.

Are those belts HTD5M or HTD3M? It does not say

They are HTD5M .

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