Dual motor configuration

Hi all

This is my first eboard build.

I have some electrical and mechanical engineering experience and wanted to have a go at building my own eboard.

I have a mountain board that doesn’t get used much so going to use that.

It’s got nice big chunky wheels and plenty of ground clearance so want to build an ‘off road’ board.

I’m going to run dual motor (already purchased 2 x 190kv alien power systems motors) going to make my own brackets and weld them to the trucks.

I was wondering if a dual rear wheel drive would be the best way to go? That’s how most the other boards I have seen have been built. I also thought about running opposite corner wheels powered so 1 front wheel and 1 rear wheel. This would also balance the weight evenly across the board.

What do you guys think?

Thanks in advance


I have both setups, mainly due to the fact that my dual diagonal (as it’s called) can’t fit both motors on the same trucks. I don’t recommend either setup more than the other, because they actually feel fairly similar and it’s nice to have a bit more traction when braking from the front motor.

That said dual rear is more aesthetically pleasing, though can slip a bit if your hard braking due to less traction. My dual diagonal board is pretty balanced while carrying it around, but I don’t have trouble carrying my dual rear board either, you just have to hold it at a different spot.

I would love to run 4wd but then that will be even more money!! I’m already regretting a twin motor setup!

Dual rwd does look much neater, and will be tidier to wire up. If they don’t feel much different to ride may as well stick with neatness.

Have you got any experience with ESCs designed for rc cars or boats? They seem to be a much more affordable option over VESCs.



I don’t as I only use the VESC. However, I hear good things about TB’s (DIYES) 12s Car ESC. It should be rugged enough for e-mountain boarding as well. The only thing is it’s pricier than the VESC as well.

Thanks for the input.

I was only going to run 5s or 6s.

I have a couple of lead acid 6v 7amp batteries I got out of a ups I was going to use. I know they are a bit heavier than lipos but I have them so was going to make use of what I had. Trying either 12v, 18v or 24v depending on their power output. I was more after range that topspeed.

My plan was to try and build it on a budget using as much as what I has as possible.

voltage will help a lot with range as well. Running a lower voltage means you need more amps to pull the same wattage. A lot of those amps can be lost as heat. If you’re going to be pushing the board a lot (since it’s a mountain board) I’d recommend at least 8s, though I prefer 10s myself. Also do you mean 7 amp hours on your battery or 7 amp discharge, because 7 amp discharge is way too low to be usable.


Sorry 7ah. The batteries are designed for a graceful shutdown for servers. They are built to run a 3 phase machine for 90 seconds before being completely discharged. I ‘acquired’ them through work.


What would be needed to fit both motors on the same rear truck? Maybe a truck with wide stance?


Both motors will fit on the same truck. It’s a mountain board so theres loads of space between the wheels.