Dual Motor FocBox 12S4P Setup

Using the FocBox Tool, UI

I’m just wondering what is the Battery Max Current? Also Battery Max Current Regen? I’m Using Samsung 30Q 12S4P. Needing to input these numbers.

Secondly I have direct drive motors which have a maximum of 80Amps and 50.4Volts. So what would be the input numbers be for each motor setting? Motor Current Max? Also Motor Current Max Brake?

These are numbers I want to see on Motor 1 and Motor 2 column.


What configuration have you chosen ¿

60A Max Battery Current is probably as safe setting for the 30Q 12S4P pack. 80A Max Motor Current is probably good for most mid to larger motors. Motor Current Max Brake, default is generally good. But kind of depends on rider weight.


Thanks for your answer, I am assembling a skate with two 6374 190kv motors, vesc6 mini controller, I still do not have the battery, but it will be 12s4p samsung30Q. What do you think of the following configuration? Motor current Max 60A, min -40A, Max current 120A Battery current Max 60A, current Max Regen -12A, Voltaje cutoff start 36v, cutoff end 33,6V. Imput voltaje min 8V , Max 57V. Max ERPM 60.000, Min -60000 Límit start 150 Wattage 43,2X60=2592W x 2motors¿ Cheers rider

If you are using the VESC tool you can run the setup wizards. It will answer most of your questions for you.

Most people don’t realize that the default settings in the VESC tool are good for 95% of folks.

Also, if you do want to change parameters, only change on thing at a time, then test. If you go in and make heaps of changes and something isn’t right it can be tricky to identify the root cause of the fault.

The settings that may need some adjustments are Max Regen Current & Motor Min Current - these control the strength of the brake function.


If I am using vesc tool from the mobile with bluetoth module. Reading in the forum I have been writing down the configuration values, to make sure not to damage the battery, which by default in the vesc app brings values such as 99A max power or the start and end cut-off cycles in 8 and 10 when it seems there is to set it at 36 and 33.6 … I have done the motor detection and it gives the following values …

Those motor amps settings are probably fine. I usually set all of the rest manually by going into the corresponding tabs and writing the settings. I’d do 50A battery max per side and then -12 to -15 battery regen per side. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure your cutoff voltage is set to your liking. I’d cutoff start at 3.4v/cell and end cutoff at 3.2v/cell.


Thanks for your answer, The battery is 43.2v, 60A continuous, 120A peak. According to the manufacturer. They are Samsung INR 30Q cells. The start and cut values, I have read here that they are 36 and 33.6v. Are the values you comment more appropriate? Can you recommend a tutorial for configuring the vx2 pro remote control in the fsesc6 mini control unit? greetings Riders

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That cutoff is way too low. That would be damaging the cells. I would use the values I recommended.

Are you talking about configuring the remote with the VESC or just configuring the remote itself? If you use it in UART mode, you just have to plug it into the VESC and it should work if the firmware is the right version. UART control is enabled by default on many VESCs


Thank you, I will follow your recommendation, start 3,4- end 3,2V. I have the remote control almost configured, in the absence of the throte option. 7 pairs of motor poles in the control and 14 poles in the vesc configuration, right? I have tested the control and it works, but I don’t see that it accelerates progressively, the acceleration and deceleration graph does not appear. The vesc is configured in Uart mode. Update the vesc in the All option, you should have all the software already installed

To calculate the operating watts, I have seen here that the calculation is as follows: Continous max amp (60) X Volts (43.2) = 2592W.? This value has to be double since there are two motors? 2592X2 = 5184W?

This is correct 3,4 X 12s=40,8V start and 3,2 X 12s= 38,4V End?

Regards Riders

Modular enclosure 3d print 100%petg


Yep those values look right. You don’t really have to set a wattage limit if you don’t want to. What’s your reasoning for setting a wattage limit?

I’m not exactly sure what you mean by you graphs not appearing though

Your enclosure looks really nice, good job with that

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I’m learning about this of configuring controllers, there are a lot of settings to configure and it seems components can be damaged. I have seen several vesc tool tutorials and have read several posts in this forum. On controlling the power of the battery, I suppose that is the way to extend its useful life and prevent it from being damaged. Thanks for your opinion when I finish the project I will share it in a post

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Sweet case design, you should create a thread just about this design and how it fits together. List any issues you had and how you resolved them.


I have not tested the case yet, I have to receive the battery pack from china. I think the board I have has too much flex and the case does not hold