Hi esk8 builders! I’m building my first electric longboard and wonder if the dual motor kit from TorqueBoards is good? Is the price fair(300$+40$ shipping to Sweden)? Anyone that has experience with this kit? Dual_Motor_Mechanical_Kit_Yellow_1903x

The trucks need to be 218mm or just get calibers. Also Janux sells some sweet mounts that if you ask really nicely might slip through customs (Remember, add a phat 20% to anything from the US)

those wheels are also avalible locally. and the belts. You might be better off getting everything from eskating.eu and the electricboardsolutions guys just to avoid import taxes tbh.

TB 210mm and @marcmt88 (Janux esk8) mounts are the only things i’d import

I should add code freeship and the shipping would be free on that kit

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20190106_184537 its a great kit, I’ve used it on several of my builds. Before the mount was quite hard to install correctly but it’s been fixed with a new clamp design. Go got it, it’s solid.

I’m located in Sweden to and shipping only took around 8 days.

218mm trucks if you are going dual 6374 or over. Regular trucks is fine for dual 6355. 40

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Actually thread hijack a little, why don’t people use these as pulleys? Obviously you’d have to ditch the motor pulley but still

Nice looking build

Cuz these cheap pulleys are often not balanced or is off center. I’ve ordered tons of cheap pulleys and I always regret getting them…

Alright, makes sense. nice press fit injection moulded pulleys are cheap anyway I suppose

Looks very nice and clean. Did you have to pay the tax for it?

I’ve had to on stuff from TB before. Its a sad situation in the EU for trucks, all good trucks are taxed to shit until someone in the EU makes a nice cheaper option or makes reliable mounts for wide chinese trucks. Same goes for motor mounts really

yeah, I have bought several pulleys and motor mount from China and none of them works properly

Yepp I did. Don’t remember how much but it was not alot. Declared value is often a bit lower ;). Oh and this was 1 year ago before postnord added fees for all foreign packages. So it will be a bit more expensive today

I might have some parts for you depending on what you’re looking for.

I have mounts, wheel pulleys, belts and wheels in and up to 20% off ending tomorrow. Shipping from Norway:

Have you tried the mounts from dickyho?

Aside from being a little on the thin side(which I think he revised) they seem to work just fine for builds that aren’t doing burnouts from a standstill

eskating,eu has very bad customer service though, electricboardsolutions would be a much, much, much better choice in that direction. Or literally anyone else.

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Probably because if they don’t say HTD5M then they’re probably not HTD5M. Those are probably 3mm teeth that will skip like crazy.


Not this again :sob::joy::joy:

Didn’t this happen last time and fottaz or whatever his name was step up to bat and defend his business, with a decent amount of customers backing his claims?

Maybe just message the owner of eskatingeu before moving to another outlet

here’s a video I made on making a dual motor setup I believe all vendors I used ship internationally.

I have checked your website. The “Dual mount complete – with idlers and crossbars” looks promising but as the description says it only works with 63xx motors. I already have two 50xx motors.

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