Dual motor setup - intermittent single motor only acceleration

My build has a Flipsky Dual FSESC6.6 Plus as VESC along with a MTB kit with 8’’ Pneumatic Tires and Dual Belt-Drive 2 x 2000W 6354 Out-runner Motors.

I’m experiencing an issue where sometimes only one motor spins. I can feel it when riding and it’s also visible with the wheels spinning freely. I took a video [1] where one can see this happening.

Do you know what can cause this problem, could be a defect in the VESC?

[1] https://www.dropbox.com/s/buczd8keullwg7s/one_wheel_spinning.mp4?dl=0

That’s a garbage Flipsky esc for you. Most of us that bought shitty flipsky escs have dealt with this. Customer service is terrible at best. I’d file a chargeback with your credit card company. It took me over 5 months to get the problem fixed

Ok I see… what was the resolution?

Charge back refund. They will make you pay to ship the esc back to China. They will unlock the arm chip with an st link and send it back to you. It’ll do the same thing again. Don’t trust them. Tell them they have corrupted software and you want a refund.

@Soflo I’m afraid the warranty time has already passed for me. They also offered to fix it but I have to pay shipping.

I noticed on YT that they sent a new VX2 to Pavel for free without having him return anything.
I guess you’re screwed if you don’t have a communication channel…