Dual motor setup with one 6355 and one 6374?

Has anyone done this? I started with a 6355 single build, planning on making it a dual, but I regret going with the 6355 to start since I have 218mm hangers. Would I be able to run one 6355 and one 6374? Then ultimately switch over to two 6374’s?

Yup! No problem. Ask @lowguido as this is his forte.

yeah it works fine, probably the only thing I would say is that if you use DRV cookers dont use canbus, instead split the PWM wires.

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Can you elaborate? Why no canbus?

What do you mean by drv cookers? 6374 motors?

well if you are using 2 different motors that will have different RPMs for any given throttle position I would think it best to keep the electronic parts as seperate as possible. while it *may work with canbus you would defininently want to disable any traction control feature.

DRV cookers = VESC

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Ohhh. Okay. I’ll go with dual 6355s then.

why? go 6374

That’s what I am running!