Dual motors advice

Hi, just need some advice about how to turn my board into a dual-motor setup.

I have built my board using the HobbyKing Turnigy Skateboard Kit (very good value IMHO)… and the single motor I have is good enough for my commuting needs. Sometimes I would like better braking, and I figure an extra motor is going to help in this regard.

Also I want my board/setup to be a bit more bad-ass :slight_smile: (and heavier of course).


As you can see I don’t have enough room to mount another motor next to the first one, so I guess mounting the second motor on the front-truck is my only option.


So I guess the decision I have to make is do I just get another motor that is the same as the first, or buy two new motors? It would be a waste having spare motor and expensive buying two more.

I know I’m going to have to buy another VESC and HobbyKing bracket (to fit these HK trucks).

Thanks for your thoughts! Seems that I have already worked it out by typing it out :slight_smile:

if you are wanting to keep the same motor; i would buy another one of the same motors and get another vesc; and then set it up as a dual diagonal set-up


@abenny is right on there you have to go diagonal with that hobbyking set up whichever motors you use as the mount is only workable one way. Any other option is much more expensive. Trucks, motors, mounts etc. I say go for the dual diagonal for that build and then build something else and then build something else and then build something else…


Agreed. Dual diagonal would be the way to go on this board. That way you don’t have to replace the trucks, and with a nice narrow wheelbase like this you won’t feel any real difference between dual diag and dual rear.


Actually I forgot to ask if I would notice one of the fronts being driven as well as one of the backs (i.e. in current setup). I guess if I lose traction I would notice as I would lose drive completely.

Ordered some bits off HK. Have to get VESC from diyelectric skateboards yet.

Theoretically speaking you shouldn’t ever lose traction with diagonal drives. When you are leaning far enough to lift a wheel the other one should be firmly planted. This is just a theory though as I don’t run a set up like this but using the old its easier to pull uphill than push, i did run my hub motor board in reverse to give me front wheel drive to test its hill climbing ability and it was a bit better than rear drive up a steep incline with my fat arse on it