Dual racerstars 5065 or Dual SK3 6364 for heavy rider?

Hi there! I’m on my 2nd build now, and I’ve decided I will go dual motor.

Previous esk8 was 10s3p HE2’s, 90mm clone wheels, 16/44, SK3 6364 kv 190, mtes 120 ESC. It worked well and would allow me to go up 15% hills. Top speed is around 35km/h, more than enough for me. I am a heavy rider at 105kg.

This is the material I have: Battery: 10s4p HE2’s Trucks TB214mm Orangatang’s 80mm 2 VESC(4.12 with alu heatsink) 16/44 gearing, 15mm HTD 3

I had a spare SK3 6364 KV 245 motor so I ordered a second one. Now I have read about the 60k erpm limit and the DRV chips burning issues at higher erpm :frowning: I will not change my battery setup, so I have 2 choices:

  • keep the 6364 KV245 motors and pray for not burning the VESCs, or send back the 2nd SK3, and get a pair of Racerstars 5065 (KV 200 or 140?).

I believe a pair of racerstars would be more than enough, and for sure will have more power than a single SK3 6364, but I had no telemetry nor logger on my first board thus I have no idea what kind of power I was using on the hills.

So, will KV245 motors kill my VESCs? I am in the 30 day period to send back the extra motor and go get a pair of racerstars…

On a side note, the racerstars being smaller might allow me to make the trucks be mounted drop through, which would allow for a super low stand. Don’t know if this would be good for general ridding.

  • Keep the Sk3 6364 kv245…VESC will hold
  • Discard SK3, get Racerstar kv200
  • Discard SK3, get Racerstar kv140

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Thanks for your inputs!

I’m running 10s 4p lion battery, dual enertion 4.12vesc and 200kv racerstars and no complaints. I’m 93kg.

If you haven’t already bought your pulleys and belts, I’d recommend going with 9 or 12mm HTD5 instead of 15mm HTD3. The 5mm teeth are more resistant to skipping, and with a dual setup you really don’t need a 15mm wide belt. Going to a 12 or even a 9mm belt will save some space and a little bit of efficiency too, since there’s less belt taking up the power. I run dual 6355s with 9mm belts, and I’ve never had a belt slip. The 200kv 5065s should be great with 10s.

I had thought about 3m because i like 16-44 gearing, but 44 pulley in 5m will not work on Orangatangs. I’m thinking loud, racerstar 140Kv would allow me to use 36tooth 5m pulley and keep my top speed in line… Any big cons against lower kv motor ?

You can get the same gear ratio with htd5, just the tooth numbers will be different. 14:36 is very close to 16:44.

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who sells racerstars?

Theyre on banggood

There you go.

For those who vote, could you explain your vote?

So far I find the 140kv racerstar the most interesting, since i will use a smaller pulley in the wheel (good for clearance) and a bigger in the motor (good for no slip/premature wear).

80mm wheels, 44T - 16T 200kV and 10S will be better (36kmh) otherwise the speed will be to low.

Evolve uses that with a 15/32 pulley and it has pretty good torque. top speed of about 40kmph loaded with 10s

New update guys. I talked to a friend who has a board with a SK3 6364 kv 190; he wouldn’t mind interchange it against my motor kv 245, so I will buy a new sk6364 kv190 to match it, install a new pulley in his motor to maintain his top speed and I will use my old 245 in a secondary board-my GF is learning to e-sk8 and actually gets lots of fun, thus a board for her in inminent-

Thank you for the inputs given.

I will open a new thread about the board when I have all the components and actually start the build.

I have both of these exact motors. I have to say that I really like the 200kv racestar motors. They run much better than my Sk8 190 6364. I originally had the sk8 dual set up. They are not sensored, have huge holes in the back, the wires are not silicone and have no protective sleeve over them. The race star motor seem much better quality and go up anything. I’m 220 lbs and these motors don’t get hot on me at all. I’m going to sell the sk8 190 and try the 5045 racestars too

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