Dual Turnigy ESK8 ESC

Im building electric longboard with these parts and im just wondering if its possible to do it as a dual motor ESC, Im trying to look online but im having trouble finding a way to do it if its even possible. https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-sk8-esc-for-electric-skateboard-conversion.html?___store=en_us heres the specific part for it, any help regarding it would be great.

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You can link 2 via the CAN BUS or just split the receiver signal to both

So you’re connecting two receivers to 1 remote? Aka, an ESC + receiver combo connecting to a singular remote?

No you split the signal data from 1 receiver to both ESCs. It’s called split PWM, you want the signal and positive line from both ESCs but the ground only from 1 ESC

hardware-wise, how does that work? do you hook up the receiver positive line to both ESC’s, and hook up one esc’s ground wire to the receiver but the other to nothing?

Because the ESCs share a power source (you need a parallel adapter to connect them to the battery), they are already on a common ground. You don’t want to connect them because of the risk of that connection supporting current in the event one is disconnected