Dual vesc sharing same ID

I’m having a strange problem. My 2 vescs are sharing the same ID for some reason. Previously when I scanned the CAN bus I would get 32 and 81 as the 2 IDs, but now they’re both showing up as 81.

I probably wouldn’t mind this, but what’s happening is that this morning the one motor wasn’t working, even though it worked perfectly last night without any changes being done. I scanned for devices on the can bus but couldn’t find any. Then I opened up the enclosure and moved the Bluetooth module from one vesc to the other, suddenly both vescs are there after a scan, but now with the same ID.

How can I set then up to be different IDs?

connect to only one of them and change it. easily done with vesc tool, no idea with the mobile app

Thanks. tried that and it didn’t work, so I reflashed them both. They’re working now.