Dual vescs ? different frimwares

hey guys im building an eboaed for the second time but thats the first time i use VESCES i dont know if thats a problem or not but is that okay if i use different firmwares of my vesces ? i mean i have one now the vesc 2.18 firmware can i use it an use other one which is 4,12 firmware with canbus connecter ?

and thanks


I think VESC is Hardware Version 4.12 with FW 2.18 and maximum FW available is 3.1(Ackmaniac Version) (Correct me if I am wrong) You can upgrade it to 3.1 using VESC tool FW files: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/t7dl90owz5ccbyl/AAANyC-yQCMeveA7errNRnYqa?dl=0

Latest is higher than that. I think it’s up to 3.6.

Grab the vesc tool and it steps you through it

I would play it safe and get them on the same version

thnak you i just download the files and the vesc tool

yea right but i bought it and i didnt know that im going to do a dual motor board

I bet you could run different firmware if you didn’t want to update. Just run split ppm and set them both up individually.
I currently have a vesc 4.11 and a 4.12 that I am running on a dual. 4.12 is the hardware and 2.18 is the firmware. Plug them in and check. They may actually be the same. If they are different, and you need to run canbus, just update them. It is really easy.

yea thank you maybe i can try that and see if it would work

No… 3.100 is the highest which is acks firmware

I’m on 3.35 vesc fw, is that not higher than 3.1?


the zero’s matter.

My bad, thanks for the correction.

You would think working in I.T I would understand versioning!


:grin: V4.0 is better than V4?

lol depends on if its v4 alpha, beta, or RC1 etc… lol

V4 skatan edition with red stickers. Best of them all. 10char