Duel Vesc with power button - where to put battery indicator

Hello! I’m starting to source parts for a second, more knowledgeable build. I want to go duel motor this time and have been looking into the FlipskyDual FSESC4.20 Plus (Based on VESC ). Going for some convenience and cost-saving, it has a built-in power button, but I was wondering if it is possible to connect a battery level indicator in this set-up. Usually, the indicator is added between power switch and esc as so it is not on all the time, but with the built-in button, it seems to be more of an issue. I’ve seen the short press limit switch to turn it on when you want to see it, but I was wondering if there is another way.

Side note: I’ve seen both good and bad about this ESC. I’m going for a mid-range, fun board nothing too insane, so I thought this will still workout. What do you guys think? I’m running a 10s3p pack and haven’t decided on a good pair of motors yet either, so if you have suggestions for that let me know! Thinking around 200kv would be my sweet spot. Thank you for all the help and suggestions!

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I also want to know this too!