Dynamo effect of DC-motor


I am building my own electrical skateboard from an electrical motor from an old drill. I kept the speed regulator from the drill and I connected a 4S LiPo battery to it. But now I was wondering that if I stop the motor and my board keeps driving will my battery get damaged because of the dynamo effect of the DC-motor?

Thanks in advance!

Battery shouldnt get damaged but it depends more on how the speed regulator (switch?) likes the reverse current, I thinkā€¦

Im not expert how these switches/regulators work, so u would have to google it yourself.

Generally there is a limit how much battery can re-charge / take up as regenerative current.

I think them drill triggers just short the motor out and dont put currant back to battery. So you may end up cooking the trigger or heating up the motor. I had the same setup in my sons little ride in car but when he let hes foot off the trigger the wheels would just skid due to them being plastic so didnt have any issiue. You could stop the trigger from coming all the way out and that way it wouldnt brake. You could then setup a relay to short the motor for braking with a big resistor in line so the brakes arnt to sudden. Play with resistors to get the braking right for your self