E-bikes for when the weather sucks

Hi guys, I really want to share something non-esk8 related that I’ve been working on for a few years now.

I’ve just launched an electric bike designed specially for London. I built the first prototype for myself for when I couldn’t commute on my esk8 and people kept asking me where I got it from and when they could get one. So I’ve been working with a few factories to produce them, and the first shipment arrives just before Christmas!

The idea was to build an electric bike that a) didn’t suck b) didn’t look like an electric bike. c) didn’t weight 30kg’s and cost £3k

In the spirt of electrifying all the things though some peeps here might be interested.

Instagram link


Looks pretty dope, Is the battery pack that waterbottle looking shape in the middle?

It sure is. It’s a pretty dinky battery at 900grams but has a 20mile range. Kinda blows my mind how much more efficient bikes are compared to esk8’s.

Its not the constant speed that kills esk-8’s, its the acceleration. Since most of the acceleration from e-bikes is still from the pedals, you wont use as much battery.

That looks delicious. I love the fit an finish of the battery. Looks artistic! and the hub motor is mighty small!

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I ride bikes a lot and was thinking, opposite of you, if I get a board that covers my wheels fully and get it all waterproofed my board could be the cleanest driest route. No wheel spray. could hold an umbrella with a free hand.


how he actually manages to stay dry is beyond me… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Some esk8 mud guards are long overdue right? If I had the time I’d design some a print a few.

Called Wheel Shields


so how about a build thread about that bike :wink: ?

Is this a commercial or will there be DIY instructions?

I am thinking of building something like Super 73 for days then lazy to ride a board or long distance travel

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Yes I started it actually but never got about to finishing.

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cool! Let us know when you got time for it :slight_smile:

I always had an idea to have an esk8 powered bike. Have some type of latch to hold the front wheels of the board by the seat and then have the powered wheels on the ground to push your forward. Then some type of holder on the handle bars so the remote can slide in and act as a throttle.

Bad picture but it illustrates what I mean

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Why not just have the esk8 wheels spin the bike wheels like a friction drive? But either way you’re wearing multiple tires at once, and for bad weather… You’re reliant on the esk8 to have traction to push you forward. Not to mention jackknifing

There would be some type of clip pushing the board to the ground with some force. Wearing urethane wheels isn’t a huge concern, takes quiet a while for them to wear down. There is a way to mount the board to avoid jackknifing.


got around building a super 73 like e bike? i also want to build something like it