E-Board AND E-Scoot?

I’ve often noticed that, in the boardriding world, a sentence with the words “board” and “scooter” generally includes also a reference to sexual practices or organs…

Let’s say that it’s often difficult to have an open minded discussion about the fonctionnal interest of each ride, in different situations, for different riders (I will develop later).

However, it’s maybe different in the E-boardriding world.

Si, I dare to ask my question :

Would you be interested in an accessory that transform your E-board into a 3 wheels E-Scoot for urban/legal use, by adding a front steering wheel + handlebar + brake + legal lights ?

Personally, no. My skateboard is already legal and urban friendly. Good luck on your pursuits.

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You probably live in a skatepark… Thanks.

I dont go on this forum at all like ever, the other forum is way better…and I dont waste my time with commenting here…but I had to for this…not interested


You ask for an opinion yet don’t take it as valid when someone answers and it doesn’t agree with your desired answer.

Ugh here we go:

Never grew up skating. As a semi adult I turned a scooter into a 3 wheel skateboard and had a blast.

Theres a reason I turned a scooter into a skateboard and then continued building skateboards and not scooters. It’s more fun and I can still commute in an urban environment fine. Plus I can carry my board with me.

Double plus, majority of us who commute or ride urban at all already have lights.

Do you seriously think our boards don’t have brakes?

Never hit up a skatepark, I’ll check it out though :+1:

Ps you’re on a fucking skateboard forum. Go hit up razor.

Don’t worry, I take your opinion into account. It’s a sort of poll and obviously the scooter image isn’t improving much.

I agree 100% with the fun factor. I’m talking about convenience.

I can still plead my cause and the legal advantage of scooter vs board is real. Same for maniability in tight/crowdy places.

In addition, I’m not talking about 2 wheels scooters (way too dangerous to be fun) but 3 wheels scooters, with a good truck on the aft. That makes a lot of difference…

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Maybe don’t attempt to insult the first person to give you feedback next time :thinking:

You want to buy my old scooter?

Sorry if you felt insulted, that’s not intentional (not my mother tongue).

I have also experienced 3 wheels Eboards (below):

And, after trying everything else, I finally tested 3 wheels scooters (with handlebar steering) : it looks like shit but it’s convenient, maniable and still quite fun.

I even tried semi-seated version, for reduced mobility clients. It’s very convenient and still fun…not exactly the same fun thna a board nor the same style but not worthless…

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Not stupid at all. This topic would be well suited for the other forum… This one is kinda dead. Lots of people facing restrictions that this could assist with. Shared knowledge never hurts.


Thanks. Agree, I’m transfering my topics to the other forum and I will transfer this one when I have a prototype to show.

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