E-Board Brazil parts suppliers

Hey guys, I created this topic for us to share where we found miscellaneous parts to buy within Brazil, the idea is to list the part and where you found

-Pulleys - Dina borrachas, not the best communication but the only place I’ve found that has HTD3M/5M in a variety of sizes and with an acceptable price, Sell online, Just send an email on their website

-Wheels Pulley - Printed myself, if you don’t have access to a 3D printer just pm me, the larger pulleys are expensive and you have to find a way to mount them on the wheel

-Decks/Wheels/Trucks - Mercado Livre or specialized skate shops

-Wires/connectors/eletronic modules - Mercado Livre

-Motor mount - design one and send tô be made in some tool shop, cheaper than ordering from outside

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And Cheap Batteries?

If you are looking for LiPo the best place is mercado livre, but it’s expensive, it’s best to buy from overseas

Hey Pedro great ideia! It’s an old topic but let´s update! We have many parts in Brazil for people interested! check our page! https://www.bravelo.com.br
follow us on instagram! https://www.instagram.com/bravelo_elongboard/

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