E-Board Motor Covers

Well this might not be seen as much of an innovation, but looking at other topics I noticed that over time, it seems the motors really get scratched up. I’m assuming this is a result of rocks flying up as they are spinning, and possibly getting inside the motor which would jam it up over time. I am attempting to solve this problem before it starts with my motor by adding a 3D printed motor cover (I used especially strong filament so that heat from the motor wouldn’t melt it, it should be able to withstand temperatures of up to 215 Celcius). Here’s a picture


Looks good!

Does it still allow for adequate air flow?

i just use an empty can of coke.


Good way to recycle trash haha

@seanpain4, yes, it does have decent airflow. The top side, closer to the board is completely open

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picture please

I actually ended up taking it off. I screwed it on so tightly that upon the first ride, the part attached to the mount snapped.

picture of the coke can!


hm, not 100% sure why one would need that cover. never had issues with motor rotors and scratches - my rear trucks and older motors look like they are sandblasted and still run completely unaffected.

with this cover, Im trading a scratched, but otherwise good looking rotor with a scratched and not so good looking 3D cover and ontop I get a reduced heat flow. :neutral_face:

Well for me, (even though it didn’t work) it was about looks. I don’t like it when the motor gets scratched, and honestly I thought the casr looked quite good. Also, reduced airflow wouldn’t have been a problem because there was a gap in the top where rocks wouldn’t have jumped up

hehe, Im not the biggest fan of 3D printed items, at least not in comparison to anodized aluminum or chromium coated like the sk rotor that you got on your pictures. thats a kind of finish that barely shows any scratches really - just remove the silly sticker. :grinning:

p.s.: Ive never had anything but fine dust inside my motor. if bigger things get in there, youre not running it fast enough!! :smile:

few months daily use - I actually wiped it clean, but its simply sand blasted! :sweat_smile:


Soooo… we should get a cover?

I’ve seen these two (purple one is just an awesome mount, not cover, but perhaps could be made as cover, too):

But you will need to search around, can’t remember who made that plastic one (psychotiller?), although it looks molded, no idea how to make that purple one either, you would need to find the original author of these.

dont think so, no. “sandblasted” is a purely cosmetical thing - there is nothing but fine dust inside my motor, anything bigger gets catapulted off by the wide rotor support struts as you can see from the impact marks. :wink:

That purple one looks like a custom molded unit by @hummie. I’ve got one and it’s rock solid stiff, but not adjustable. Also has a nice big scrape on the bottom, so at least as a skid plate, it’s doing it’s job. Lol

If you use larger wheels, there will be less scratches. Belt drive often get rekt faster than hub drive. However hub drive will get scratches too on the hub cover plate after several rides. Both is unavoidable minor damages as eboard are so close to the ground.

Cover is a great way to cover motor from dust, but also a great way to kept the inside dust inside. Another tips is to use RAW trucks, so your scrathes is not visible.

With a cover, I would be worried about something getting stuck between the cover and the motor. That could really suck.


Vibration Shattered Yuneec E-Go fan blades pinned between the outrunner can and cooling cover.

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@delta_19 : Ping! :slight_smile: Could you share a picture of the coke can?