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E-Board Speakers

I was cruising through the online metropolis that is Google, and managed to find this: I think it could easily be done with any longboard, but the question is how easy/affordable would it be? I also found this, thinking it wouldn’t be very challenging to buy 2 of them and hook em up to the trucks. Thoughts?

why would you want it?

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To go blasting down streets while listening to my favorite playlist without having to worry about headphones falling off my head or earbuds falling out of my ears

my local skate shop had one… they sounded line crap, and were heavy- lol, the thing looked like an eboard without even being electric!

might as well just get a ricer and pack some subwoofers and piss off all the old people in Florida just for shits and giggles while your at it eh? i used to do that in high school all the time

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me right now mate- Jeep top down, no doors, aftermarket subs blaring

Just strap a Ue boom on the bottom hahahahaahah

If the speakers are in an enclosure and you try to attach the to the board … Eventually. It will break in someway because of the vibration…so Bluetooth speaker in a bag or pocket

Speaker bag sounds way easier


Just another summer for me lol


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I’ve installed a Bluetooth speaker under my board. Even though it is rather small, the sound can be quite loud. I mostly use it when I’m not riding my board and just chilling somewhere with friends… Ask me anything if you’ve got questions


Wow! Looks awesome. Is there a kit for it, or did you start from scratch?

Please don’t be one of those people that blasts music and forces everyone to listen to their shitty songs. :neutral_face:

if its good shit like techno or trance, thats a different story :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
but then of course you would have to add a small smoke machine and neon lights :sunglasses:

Well, I’m an 80s lover. Any appreciation for that?


I juste rewired an old broken Bluetooth speaker I had laying around to my actual skateboard circuit
But you can build something really similar with this kind of real cheap thing
(Im sure you can find similar, much smaller and still more than powerfull enough circuits)

I swear, as I already said it than I am not using it when riding in the city :sweat_smile:
However I’d like to add rgb led strips under my board… (With colors changing with the Music?..)

Hahahah when was techno and trance ever any good lol

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Everyone has different tastes. i like classical baroque and metallica and fucks knows what else if I like the sound. But its proven you cant go wrong with classical

Unless it’s Russian piano music. I can’t stand it.

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