E-C40 Subsonic Century 40 2 FS6.6 and FS6354 sensored 10s4p

Subsonic was laser cutted on the top nose and the deck was freshly painted black.
Customer also wanted the rear drive to be as close to zero degree as possible considering clearance issues.

Items used Subsonic century 40 deck 2x Flipsky vesc6 2x Flipsky 6354 motors 10s4p 30q with 60amp bms 2x @marcmt88 hubs and 42t pulley 2x @psychotiller 6 shooter hubs

Hey Culbert,

Could you share some pics? :wink:

Real name is Adam. customer wanted to pump the board if he had to or just reserving power. He told me hes able to fully charge his battery while pumping. Brought it back for some upgrades with a maytech waterproof remote, some larger pulleys for more torque and a gps tracker. (ever since i got a board stolen off my porch I put them in every build). Other words he loves it. Let me know if you want to see more builds with your product. I have some new ones and even real old ones. Thanks man for your ingenuity.

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How does the GPS tracker work mate? only ones i have seen require an App and monthly payments.

Can i purchase them from you?

You can use pretty much any of them. Just put your own speedtalk sim card in. Put the sim in your ohone to activate it and make sure password protection is off. Once you power on tracker with sim youcan aquire the location. I just hardwire it to the board so it charges the tracker when you ride. Or buy this one its open source. Has horrible instructions but its pretty straight foward.

They have new ones the 808 series and it has android 5.1 installed. So you can have it signed in on google. Has video/audio in. Ignitiin shut off you name it.