E-Glide Skateboards




they don’t exist anymore…

might be better if we only list recent / relevant products…

You’re back!

only back when the forum needs direction… i wont comment on other stuff.

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I had to add e-glide and their cabled boards…you can still find them for sale … I would take one to mod it

That’s my hero

82lbs of rattle and wobbly wheels…Wheeeew! looks like not much fun

They most certainly still do exist. I went to their shop in Santa Monica not too long ago. Quite honestly I love this board! Has been so much better than my Evolve CGT at this point. It is a little heavy, but so much fun and reliable!

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Was at their shop not too long ago. They still exist! Love this board. Been better than my CGT at this point.

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I have built and bought eboards for 6 years! Yes, there were eboards back then! Eglide still exists and makes one of the best quality boards ever! The downside, is they are heavy(even with Lithium) but so smooth because they use an incredible speed controller from pgdrives, for electric wheelchairs & scooters, and not rc parts! Unbelievably smooth! Onloop, you should know what you’re talking about before you post! How would you feel if someone posted Enertion was out of business?

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I’ve personally owned 2 E-glide skateboards and they’re one of the best Built Electric skateboards around. Their European made controllers can put out 70 amps ,their boards are built from aluminum and are virtually indestructible .I have road mine through snow mud rain and never once has this skateboard let me down. I’ve tried other similar skateboards that were built with RC parts basically which I’m very familiar with sense I’ve been in the RC hobby for many years .None of these had the problem free reliability that my E glide had . There only downfall is there weight but that’s what you get when somethings quality made to last . Their batteries last for three years and cost under 170 bucks to replace . That’s really hard to beat when you compare it to other electric skateboards .You can even get aftermarket batteries for them for around 130 bucks .On a side note I do still see the benefit of owning a lighter’s skateboard you can pick up and walk around with. I also like the Do it yourself builds because it gives you a chance to understand all the components involved in your skateboard and helps you maintain it . That’s why I own more than one electric skateboard .Each one is better for certain situation.

Yep couldn’t agree more with your statements about the EGlide! I love mine, but I also own multiple boards (4 now) as the EGlide is entirely too heavy when you need a board to carry around.