E-Longboard | Custom 40" | Caliber 50° | kit eboard Alien 3.2kW | Single AlienDriveSystem | 10S 8Ah 35c | ESC Alien 120A (soon VESC ?)

Hi there ! First big thank to Jason and this community, english is hard for me but I try ! I’m riding an e-longboard seens this summer, that I start to build 1 yr ago !!! And its so cool !.. Like you know !

… I was selling my setup… (I don’t really have a good feeling with brake and the ride is so reactive in 10s … And I try the Busted like by OKP … dual vesc + r-pec … GORGEOUS !!!) but I dont know why I have never try it, I thinks I’m gonna keep him and try with a VESC ! (okp told me to test that :smile: I have two of them from esk8.de for my e-mtb )

Maybe you remember this logo :blush:

the spec. are :

  • Longboard Deck : Custom Madrid 40″
  • Trucks Caliber I 50°
  • Wheels ABEC11 Flywheels 83mm 78A
  • Alien Drive System single drive (witch motor mount v1, adaptater hubwheels 32T et pignon moteur 15T).
  • Kit Alien Power System ( Moteur 6374, 170KV 3.2kW), ESC 120A, UBEC, câble programmation).
  • Switch on/off (Power Switch Antispark Alien Power System).
  • Remote 2.4Ghz GT2B (custom by OKP e-sk8.fr, big thx to him !)
  • Custom box diy resine/fiber glass
  • Charger iMAX (6S max) https://monlongboardelectrique.files.wordpress.com/2015/12/fichier-07-12-2015-14-14-28.gif?w=1000

More info here : https://monlongboardelectrique.wordpress.com/

now 1th test with esk8.de VESC HW4.10 FW 1.14 BLDC in 5S : https://youtu.be/5cavXUXMtIY the trigger is acting strangely, just some mm stroke and is directly on max speed … it had to the fact that the test is empty?

Now in 10s :

I have to watch to calibrate the stroke remote I think :smile:

How that looks for you ? I never really see vesc programmation or test so thanks for your help !!!

Enjoy & good ride !


Alienboard v2 rolling seens summer :slight_smile: https://monlongboardelectrique.files.wordpress.com/2016/09/image28.jpeg

More info to come or clic here !

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Hey man, do you still run on this setup? I am just considering buying the same single motor kit and I wanted to know, if it is reliable.

Have a nive day :slight_smile:

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No The deck is modified now (again :smile: ) here it is :

But I still got the more, and an other one to go on my e-mtb :wink: What do you want to know about ? Don’t hesitate.


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Did you have any types of problems (just write them all, if you can)? I heard that these Flier’s ESCs have quality issues…

hey Aigenic, I was with VESC but got APS ESC before that (when like you I have buy the kit, works fine, just some FW problem at first cause it was to us to find the good one (it was 2 yr before), OKP help me on that. No shouldn’t be a problem now I think (I hope).

The motor is fine, lighter and smaller than the older version… but more powa … works fine and looks really good !

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