E-Longboard | Kicktail BW Wave | 190kv | TB Motor Mount | 9s | Chaka's VESC - Finished

My Parts:

Deck: Kicktail BW Wave - [Have] Trucks: Caliber 2 - [Ordered] Wheels: 83mm Flywheels - [Have]

Motor: Turnigy SK3 6364 190kv - [Have] Motor Mount: Single Bolt on Motor Mount - [Have] Pulleys & Belt: 36T ABEC Drive Pulley Belt Combo Kit - [Have]

ESC: VESC - [Ordered] Batteries(x2): Zippy 5000mAh 3S1P 30C - [Ordered]

Accessories: -IMax B6 Charger - [Have]

Hello everyone! I have been reading this forum for a week now and have ordered some stuff. I will be starting the motor mounting part of the build next week once I receive the trucks. I have a few questions from these diagrams before I purchase the acessories.

Diagram 1: Replace w/ 5.5mm

Diagram 2: Replace w/ 4mm

Battery Wiring Questions: Solved

Question 1: From the 2 pictures, which do you think is more practical? Having all connectors be 5.5mm or 4mm? I just was wondering if I would mess anything up on either the motor, VESC, or batteries by soldering on different connectors.

Question 2: I am not sure what diyelectricskateboard sends with his VESC but on his site it said 10AWG 5.5mm bullet connectors. So I am assuming the connectors are on both the motor and battery side?

Question 3: Since my batteries will be in series, are my arrows(or wiring) correct?

Motor Mounting Questions

Question 4: I did not receive a key with my motor. How important is it for me to have one in the Motor Pulley? I have seen some examples here where people “chiseled” the shaft. What does that accomplish?

Question 5: I only received one Circlip with my motor. Don’t I need 2? One for the motor and one for the motor pulley?

Please answer any questions you can! It will help me a lot to get this started! Thanks!

My board w/o modifications, yet!


You obviously planned out this build a lot. Nice job! Don’t get the Quanum transmitter, there are way to many issues with it. I would recommend the GT2B (modded with a 3d printed case) or torqueboards remote.

Now onto questions:

question 1: I would just try to solder the least amount of connectors. Keep what is there and change anything that needs to be changed. One thing I would do is change all the battery connectors to XT60, they are a lot smaller than HXT. If you want to use bullet connectors go 5.5mm, they are easier to solder and handle more amps.

Question 2: @torqueboards would be able to tell you what connectors are on his VESC.

Question 3: Your series wiring looks perfect.

Motor Mounting Questions

Question 4: I don’t use a key. Just one set screw and red loctite. You will have to use a dremel or metal file to make a flat spot on the motor shaft.

Question 5: Nope. The motor should have one just where the shaft comes out of the motor. Leave that one there, it holds the motor together. Enertion motors use keys and another circlip but you don’t have to with an SK3


VESC has XT90 for battery wires. 5.5mm bullet for Motor Wires. Our motors also uses a key, there is a circlip spot as well. We also have a deal on our 5055 280KV motors $60/ea although pre-order.

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Wow thanks for the quick reply @torqueboards & @lox897! Okay I will probably go with torqureboards remote.

  1. I have a bunch of XT60s. Will just make my own series mount with the 10AWG wire. Here is my new diagram (a little messy)!

  2. Thanks, I needed that info.

  3. Thanks, I owe it to this site. Made it really easy to diagram but wanted to make sure.

  4. Okay I will look into that tomorrow.

  5. Perfect! Was worried I needed to order a box of Circlips for just one!

Got my trucks, wheels, motor mounted to the board! Buuut I did my research wrong.

The motor I have has it’s voltage at 10S Lipo and I ordered two 3s Lipos. That means I fucked up haha. Just going to return those batteries and buy two 5s lipos. :expressionless:

woah woah woah - wait a second. Not so fast - your motor is rated up to 10S - you can ride it with 6S voltage if you want however. I have a 149kv SK3 and use 6S - no problems so far.

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That’s awesome then! I must’ve read it wrong. Was really worried all this returning and buying would set me back more. Thanks for this!


I have my motor mounted and now I’m waiting for the batteries, VESC, and cables. Total of all the parts came out to be ~$600. In the meantime I am reading up on VESC programming.

Some more questions:

1. Is my motor clamp backwards? I was looking at TB and another user’s clamp and it looked mounted in the other direction with the M4 screw going up while mine goes down.

Another view with the motor mount

2. Here’s a GIF/vid of the motor mount finished and moving. Is the belt (12mm) looking good? Space-wise and location. Just want to make sure all is about correct and it won’t break. Link if vid doesn’t work.

haha I almost made that mistake when buying also, we were all new at some point :slight_smile:

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Update 2:

Updated Diagram Here is my current diagram. Battery to VESC will be 5.5mm and VESC to Motor will be 4mm. Is there anything wrong with using HXT 5.5mm connectors from Battery to VESC?

I am doing this because the batteries come with 5.5mm and to make my life easier the VESC will be 5.5mm. It will all be plug and play for me. Anything bad that can happen here? Asking because I have so far never seen this setup here on the forums.

Enclosure Found some sort of hard plastic case but it was tall. I do not have a Dremel so I used a Drill (yes haha) and a Saw to reduce its height and now it’s perfect for a VESC and 2 LiPos.

  1. That’s w/o the cover/top.

  2. Used a drill here. Stupid but hey it works!

  3. Needs some holes for wires, painting, cleaning up still but that won’t take long.

VESC Settings VESC should be coming this week so here is my preparation for it. These settings are for 6s batteries. If anything is wrong please point it out.

Thanks to this forum I was able to correctly build this board! I received my VESC from Ollin Board! It took a while but so far nothing has shorted/fried!

Here are some updates and my stats on a first quick ride!

Added 5.5mm Anti-Spark Connector:

I replaced one of the 5.5mm connector to an 5.5mm anti-spark connector. No more sparks now. Just have to pay attention to not plug in the positive to the negative though. Blew up my Quadcopter power board by accidentally plugging in the wrong wires so I am extra careful plugging these in.

Enclosure Broke, Replaced with $6 Walmart one:

During my testing the enclosure just gave away. Went to Walmart and bought this slim needle box. I then drilled 3 holes for the motor wires and sprayed some PlastiDip. Looks cooler now. Fits: 1 VESC and 3 LiPo batteries!

For mounting I used 2 Velcro strips that are rated for 10 lbs and they have been working great! Bought a strap just in case.

VESC Settings:

Still tuning the Current Limits settings. The 0.04 glitch is still there but that isn’t too big of a problem, just have to remember to do it.

First Test/Park Riding:

On a flat street it looks like I topped out at 17mph!! I am adding one more 3S battery to make this a 9S system. Will report back once I receive the battery on the new top speed and how it handles.

Some more info: I weigh 165lbs and the board weighs 13.4lbs.


I Fell:

Last week my third battery arrived and when I went to test my new top speed I fell. My board started to wobble and around 21 MPH I was forced to run off but that reduced my injuries.

Most of this has been healed now (I can finally ride!)

Some pics:

Mount Issues (Fixed Now):

Whenever I rode the board on streets the mount is held in place. Never comes loose. Whenever I rode at my campus where my main path is just bricks the mount comes loose and starts hitting the ground.

After stripping the screws and buying new ones I remounted the whole thing and let it sit for a day instead of riding it right away. Also waited a few days for my hip to heal and tonight I went for a Distance/Hill test ride around campus. Just rode at what my speed should be during the day with people.

The mount held in place the whole time! Went back and forth on those bricks too. Pretty glad because cause that saves me spending time on welding it.

Quick Update:

  • Got Torqueboard’s 6S enclosure. Got it to fit three 3S LiPo’s (9S total)!

  • Made a separate enclosure for the VESC. Used a VUSE E-Cigarette case and it fits really nice.

  • Added Gorilla Epoxy Weld to Torqueboard’s V4 Mount. At my college campus there a so many bricked pathways and my mount had always come loose on them. After applying this glue all over the mount it hasn’t moved since. (Since about 2 months).

  • The clone Flywheels are okay. 2 of the wheels wobble and I have put on new bearings (Bones RED) but they still wobble. I have adjusted the tightness of the bolt but still. SO yeah invest in some legit Flywheels or ABECs!

  • LIPOS!!! So 2 of the 3 LiPo’s I have keep going out of sync. After spending sooo mnay hours discharging them they come back to sync. I think my cheap charger is not helping also (Fake iMax B6). I have recently started to end my charge at 4.17 V ish.

  • I used PlastiDip Black on the bottom of the board. About 3 coats until I ran out. It came out really well for the bottom but not so good on the sides (peeling off a bit).

Anyways, besides the battery everything else is going good. Board travels nice on the campus (6 trips, 0.5 miles for each trip) with ton of battery left for tomorrow.