E-MTB Drive Gear with Spur Gears "Directdrive"

Talked about a customer a while ago and have now the stuff here to do a prototyp.

I´m interrested what you guys think about.

Wheelspur is 60T Modul 2 out of black POM Motorspur is 10/12T milled out of Steel

These are somer serios gears i think, have an look:

compared to HTD5 and ISO-05:

Customized my Mounts with shorter Axle Distance, will mill them later:

Let me know your thoughts about!

Cheers Jenso


Looks interesting. We are testing this since three months now, maybe your customer found it on our page (esk8.de) or our facebook profile. And yes, it works very well. :slight_smile:


Hey. Nice that you work on something like this. Its not possible to see much of any Spurgears on this pictures but who knows… He dont told me about where he got this idea from. Keep on your good work. Cheers


Everything’s fine, we like your work too! But the POM gear needs to be white! :slight_smile:

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I would buy this in a heart beat, someone do a group buy or put them up for sale. Make sure the gear teeth are strong and have a lot of contact. They will have to absorb the full force of acceleration unlike belt gears where the belt can stretch for sudden impacts, so they can strip over time if they are weak. I would say you need metal gears for sure.

Wont this be pretty noisy?

This is a great idea but just something to keep in mind when comparing spur gear direct drive systems vs belt systems.

In a belt driven system, you have multiple teeth, usually a minimum of 6 meshing with the belton the pinion gear and about half the pulley on the wheel engaged as well. This will distribute the forces across more teeth which in turn means less wear per tooth.

The belt and the gear both move in the same direction and there is no slippage(unless you’re over torquing and the belt skips). This also means less wear and tear.

Should you fuck up royally, you strip the belt. A $5-$10piece.

With direct drive gears you’re engaging 1 tooth at a time. You will only ever have 1 tooth pushing against 1 tooth. Best case scenario, you got the spacing perfect and you have 2 teeth during the transition between teeth but that’s going to be a lot more strain on the teeth which will cause more wear. Although the tooth profiles are larger so that should mitigate any real issues there but you may require regular greasing and cleaning.

The teeth are supposed to roll over one another though you’re broadly going to have some fictional losses there from that not being the case. Are these losses more significant than those on a belt system? Probably not, it might actually be a little better. But it will more likely be significantly louder, which may not be an issue on a all terrain board you want to use out in the woods but rolling down a suburban area or a peaceful park may annoy some pedestrians.

My last concern though is a more practical one which is if for whatever reason you brake really hard or you somehow managed to lock up your wheel at speed then the gears have nowhere to go. All the stresses get transfered to your mount which may warp or break it depending on how sudden it happens. Don’t know if that would be an actual issue to be concerned about since I think you’d have to lock up the motors for something like that to happen which probably wouldn’t happen.

Those are just some thoughts though, I like it. I think you’ll get some serious power transfer out of it :heart_eyes:


Yes Black or white thats the question (-: I´m quite happy with the Beltdrive, but always interested in testing new stuff and parts. After Chain and Belt its maybe the last wich is workable, or maybe not (-:

I have used the combination of POM and Metal drivegears long time in highpower brushless RC models. It was the better combination as steel on steel.

I dont think so, but will test it soon.

Thanks for your input mate. Some really good thoughts on it. Really appreciate this!

Machined the Proto Mounts :

compared to the actuall Chain/Belt Mount


@nowind will you be selling these? And which trucks do they fit?

It’s actually much less noisy, but it needs to be greased (not very often though). Cleaning might be necessary if you’re driving at the beaches, but as long as the enclosure is sealed well this might even not be necessary. It’s more or less like car gearboxes, depending on terrain it needs different maintenance to enhance sustainability.

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Let’s hear how it sounds.

Curious how the teeth wear over time.

Car gearboxes use helix gears which reduce noise, larger contact area. Spur to spur can be be quite noisy. I noticed now the larger gear looks like its a large nylon print/injection molded piece so this may not end up being an issue here. And yeah I meant cleaning out fine particulate like sands every now and again.

I don’t want to hijack this thread, so I have put a sample of the noise into the video thread.

The microphone was placed very close to the gearbox, but what you hear are mainly the motors. POM also helps to reduce the noise. It’s not a sample of the final iteration though, the video was taken some weeks ago. http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/esk8tube-video-thread/47/611?u=elkick

Making some prototypes to get some general real world informations about it. Actually i dont think that it will “beat” a nice Beltdrive but i think its interresting enough to give it a try. Waiting actually for the 12S Maytech Sensor System wich should arrives this week, maybe will test the Spur Gears with it… Will fit it first to a Trampa Channeltruck, but also Flame Dirtpipe V2 is easy to fit. Its to early to think about selling this, maybe contact @elkick it sounds like they will release soon !

If you made a version that fit TB trucks i would buy them right now.

What are TB Trucks? Dont know them…

@torqueboards trucks. Caliber v2 I think

Ok, no classic MTB Truck (-;

Machined the Spurs today for mounting on the Trampa Superstars, using a extra support bearing for best alignment on circumsference :

Machined some flats on the Truck for this prototyp :

10tooth Modul 2 Spur on Dymond 6374-200kv :

Mounted on Truck :

Short Video with 8S Lipo, sounds not that bad i think… :

Let me know your thoughts ! Sorry for no 12S Benchtest, but after fireworks on Sunday i run low on 12S ESC :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


As always… hats off! Awesome, but I would try to enclose this drivetrain somehow, and as elkick wrote some grease on those gears would be nice. Getting stone stuck between those gears would end up with suddenly stuck wheels.

These look great!! In the past we had the best luck with a metal pinion used with a plastic or nylon spur for high power rc trucks. To give is a weak point and help save expensive electronics I’m guessing. I’m curious to see how these wear. Do you have any concern about stripping them under high power or when braking? Have you considered a slipper clutch if this wears too quickly. Thanks

Excellent job as always!! Kevin