E-MTB good double vesc setup

Im looking into vesc options for my mountainboard build, planning to make a 12s6p battery and will probably get 6374 170kv maytech motors. Dont want to get a unity because of the waiting time and the fault it has. Double vesc6 is too expensive imo im looking for a setup of max 300 euros preferably around 200-250. Suggestions are welcome thanks!

Double used focbox is my route


Cant really get them anymore though…

There are people willing to sell used ones

flipsky single or dual vesc6 based escs. they ok and avialable right now. You can always start a call out for used VESC6 or focboxes. Maybe somebody want to sell his.

Pro tip: try that in the other place as well :wink:


Using Flipsky Dual Vesc6 since some weeks with moderate Values for Mtb… Works good


Do you have a link? Ty

Using the dual 6.6 plus … comes with led switch… some people say that their switch cause problems…

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