E-MTB Ripper | 2x 6374 90kv | 12s4p 30Q |

Part List:

Sick Motor Mount: https://www.janux-esk8.com/product-page/janux-dual-drive-motor-mount-system-for-trampa-carver

2x 6374 Sensored 90kv:

Trampa Infinity Trucks:

12s4p 30Q: collections/electric-skateboard-battery-pack/products/electric-skateboard-battery-epower-pack-12s4p

Battery Enclosure: collections/battery-enclosures/products/12s4p-enclosure-v2

Airless 6" Tires: http://www.diyeboard.com/6-15050mm-70a-airless-allterrain-wheels-with-hubs-pulleys-p-587.html

2x ESC Based on VESC 6: (Will be externally mounted)

Will be going for a 13t:60t ratio

Curious if any EMTB veterans have any suggestions. Will all be on a LifeLong Nomad dropdown deck.


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Oh, and this for vibration absorption (ESC)



Any updates on this?

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Did you already order the listed parts?

With 90kv your top speed is below 30km/h (18.5mph) but you get crazy torque :crazy_face:. The Trampa trucks need to be mounted at 30° angle so if you use a longboard deck you need 30° angled risers. The 12s4p flat battery and enclosure works in combination with a longboard deck but wouldn’t with MTB deck because of the curvature.

My math came out to different numbers. I’ll have to redo the calc in a sec.

I knew those trucks had to be mounted special, wasn’t sure exactly how, I probably will get the risers because the build is for a longboard deck. I really don’t want a curved true MTB deck, not for me.

EDIT: Calculator results


Is 65% efficiency for this build too high?

You seem to have put 478mm in your calc for your wheel size… The tyres you’ve listed are 150mm.

If you have bought the 90kv ones, you can just compensate with the gearing. Use a lower gearing than usually like 1:3.5 for example, and you will gain ground clearance too!

Ah, brain fart. I was putting in the circumference not the diameter.

Haven’t come close to buying it no, I’ll be changing my motor to around a 170kv


I ride MTB alot 203mm wheel. 15-60 drive. 213 kv and 149 kv dual drive 12s6p battery. Torque and top speed for days

2 different motors in one build? Or 2 different builds?

Swap things about depending on if I’m hitting flat or trails and I have a few boards Because building esk8’s is like crack

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