E-MTB Room (EMTB pics and specs)

Pretty easy, just post a pic of your build and list some of specs about your Mountainboard build! (Definitely not using this as inspiration :roll_eyes: )

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Let’s add @taz and @seaborder to it as well.



image image


It’s hard to post a picture and specs as all my builds are in constant development. Either I‘m not happy with something or want to try new stuff out, but let’s try it with my quad:

image image

  • trampa holy pro 16ply
  • trampa infinity trucks
  • @nowind etoxx motor mounts
  • 4x ESCapes
  • 4x APS 6374 170kV battle hardened
  • MBS F5 bindings and heelstraps
  • MBS 9“ wheels on cnc hubs
  • chain drive 9/42th
  • 4x hobbyking Heavy Duty 5Ah 6s lipos 60C
  • custom 3D printed esc case and battery case
  • approximately range 12-18km
  • weight 25kg with battery


While you all are here, what do you guys recomend for 10 inch tires that are chain drive compatible. Im not interested in superstars even if they have a 10 inch option

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Or just have a look on AliExpress. There multiple 10“ options. You will probably need a hanger extension than.


Hope you like my EMTB :slight_smile: Slightly different from others…

@wapkoen got some interesting stuff :slight_smile:


Heres my love, its a bit dirty but Iam always offroad on tour, new batterypack and directdrive from moon soon!

IMG_20190509_075957 IMG_20190417_163502 IMG_20190509_080616


My lipo are 22000mah and 16000 12000 tattu.12s so 2 of them give me. 30-40km. 25km untested as yet cause there new from a sale.20+ km.depends on we’re I’m going to for which ones I take out…

But super heavy as well. With LiIon you would get a way better range with the same weight and probably even for cheaper. That’s why i‘m in process of building a LiIon pack now. The 5Ah lipos I use as I need them on my light build. Not all of us have the money you can spend on your builds :wink: that’s why modularity is a key factor on my builds. Maximum interchangeable parts on all builds to hold cost and down time at a minimum.


Oh and i was curious if my range is too low compared to the battery size, but well looks like not really. If to calculate the max range and average Wh/km usage.

You: 22Ah x 3,7V x 12 = 977Wh 40km range, means 24,4 Wh/km

Me: 10Ah x 3,7 x 12 = 444Wh 18km range, means 24,68 Wh/km

Honestly I would have expected a bit better range from the gear drive as the free roll should be better, but looks like not really. Very interesting.

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My eMTB started as a prebuilt from Trampa.

The current setup is as follows:

  • trampa holy pro electric deck 16ply
  • trampa infinity trucks
  • @nowind etoxx mini direct drive (8:40 helical gears)
  • 2x VESC6
  • 2x HK SK8 6374 149kV
  • Trampa ratchet bindings and heelstraps
  • Trampa Superstar 8“ wheels with Trampa tires
  • 12S7P 30Q battery with Bestech D140 BMS
  • Monster Box
  • approximately range 40km
  • weight 17.5kg with battery



I also have a few pairs of 6S 5Ah Lipos I can use if I want to shed some weight for jumping in exchange for range but have not done that so far.


cad0534e175416e3be8ae9878b0d38e8b78ecd7d_2_562x1000 20190428_165353 VideoCapture_20190507-153659

Still learning to jump :sweat_smile:… Only gotten to go twice now but I love ripping through grass woods etc.

MBS constellation
MBS ats 12 trucks (skate/mtb hybrid)
@idea motor mount
@hyperIon1 10s5p battery
Focbox unity
Davega meter
@psychotiller 6369 sensored motors
Me on top.

Pneumatics forever!


Oh and we need @Riako in here. Show is what you got French man!


That looks really nice! What is the parts list if you don’t mind sharing?

Yeah sure

  • 2x 6s 8000mAh sls Lipos. (Will change to lion 12s6p next week)

  • Dual 6374 okp motors 15mm belt htd5

  • 2x focbox with selfmade “cooling system” in the box

  • Mount for the box is selfmade and works surprisingly well

  • Bag and Box are from amazon dont have a link anymore its called SurvivalBox orso

I builded everything so it should be waterproof even in hard rain or snow but I dont do that often.

Feel free to ask if you want to know more, I even have pictures from the build. Happy for the direct drive and new battery pack on the way. :metal::metal:


Was curious, where’d you buy the bag?

What are the requirements for an eMTB? If it’s got TKP and uses a modded trick deck does it still count?

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It must be able to climb and descend a mountain.