E-mtb, Trampa Holypro, matrix II pro trucks, E-toxx baseplates, APS 6384 130kv, 12 Ah graphene lipo. And CNC stuff! 😊

Hey. I haven’t made build threads before. But I have gotten so much from this forum so I thought I would share too. I’m a cnc machinist. I designed some parts and cut them at work. I’m happy to share any files, just ask. Build is already complete, so this is not a build thread. More like documentation.

Build specifics :

Trampa Holypro.

MBS Matrix II Pro trucks.

E-toxx matrix 2 baseplates.

Dual APS 6384 130 kv motors.

Flipsky dual 6.6 /w custom cnc heatsink/enclosure.

My own cnc motormounts.

Trampa superstar hubs.

Trampa 200mm/8" soft threads tyres for offroad.

Innova 200mm/8" slick cut tyres for asphalt.

Trampa 125mm gummies for nice asphalt.

Metr.at Pro module

16/66 gearing for 200mm wheels - 450 htd5

16/40 for 125mm gummies - 375 htd5

The reason for this gearing is then I don’t have to worry about belt tension when changing wheels and belts of chosen length.

200mm calculated pulley distance is 115.58 mm.

125mm calculated pulley distance is 115.92 mm

This small difference doesn’t really matter when swapping wheels.

Difference in speed is less than 1 km/h. :grin:

Comments and suggestions are always welcome :blush:

First a shot of the complete build on its maiden ride.


First package arrived from trampa. I bought a full mtb. Heelstraps and all.


I didn’t like the way the springs on the trampa trucks felt. And the top spring adjusters would interfere with my vesc housing on top of the rear. So I sold the trucks and opted for the full urethane bushing on the matrix II trucks. Adjustable from the underside too. Felt much better.


But then I found the thread about weak injection molded baseplates. And I don’t go slow. So the obvious solution was of course some jenso love!


Reverse enginerding the mbs channel truck geometry is an iterative process. 3d printing is nice for this.


I designed some motor mounts and made them at work. 7075.

IMG_20181125_005727 IMG_20181125_010549

Glass Blasted the parts for increased friction between mating surfaces for belt tension adjustment

IMG_20181125_013605 IMG_20181125_033537

Test fitting motors


My attempt at some form of water proofing the sensors in the motors


And loctite 648 the steel pulleys to the motors shafts at the correct spacing.


Moar wheels! (and sneak peak of my 40t gummies pulley)


Machining the 40t pulleys. 7075.

IMG_20190222_194642 IMG_20190222_202900 IMG_20190222_205917 IMG_20190222_221249

Looks great, fits perfectly! :grin:


I will update this topic as I have some more spare time.


Looks good! What kind of combination of speed rings / washers did you use on the MBS matrix hangers to fit the trampa wheels?

I use 1 trampa “speedring” on both sides of the wheel. That’s it. Spacer and oring between bearings. :blush:

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Did the matrix trucks line up with existing mounting holes on the deck? I’m gonna be doing the same thing.

I think they’re supposed to be. Mine weren’t exactly the same. The plastic baseplates were a little easier to fit. The E-toxx didn’t fit exactly. They won’t bend like the mbs did. drilled the holes in the trampa bigger to accommodate this discrepancy, I think 5.8 mm was enough. I don’t know how the new mbs metal baseplates fit the hole pattern on trampa. Let me know?

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Those 40T pulleys looks awesome! Do you think it is also possible for 70t? So with the holes at the inside off the pulley and not outside like now.

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Of course it’s possible. I saw @Idea sell some in a old thread. Idea thread

What are you building? :blush:

Thanks for the reply. Can u help me with a link for those speed rings (or specs ), I swear the trampa website is like a black hole…

I think this is what you want. I’ll double check when I get home. I need some extras too. :blush:

Edit: these are it. Black hole indeed :grinning:


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So I used the flipsky dual fsesc 6.6. I wanted to make a different mounting option. And somewhat inspired by kug3lis I wanted to integrate a heatsink. Designing in solidworks.


And machining the heatsink/bottom of enclosure.



The fsesc 6.6 dual fits nicely.


Mounted to the board


Printing and fitting the lid.




The lid is fixed to the bottom with an oring between two countersunk bolts.


Lights and reflectors are mandatory by law in Denmark, so. I 3d printed a mount for an ebay front light.




Pla cracked very fast. First run


So I printed it in petg instead. This has held up so far. It was a little rattly so I put a thin silicone sheet in between.


Rear lights. And reflective tape on the motors.




One of the best builds I’ve seen on here …are you using the 12000 graphines?

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Wow. Thanks. Yeah. I’m using 12000 turnigy graphene 15c. I’m thinking about getting a set of 8000 for lighter weight when jumping around off-road. Board is heavy :grin:


I use 12000 tattu and 22000 for long distance.and heli gears from e-toxx on my 2wd and 4x4 8" pnumatic


Hey brother that board I sick! Being a machinist helped quite a bit I’m sure! lol How much did parts cost approximately w/o labor and would you be willing to at least machine the same parts that I can’t purchase myself and sell them to me? Or even sell the entire board or build me one??! Give me price if interested, please. I live in Orlando, Florida. Brad Swanson [email protected] Thank you, please advise.

20190327_101355 20190318_075031


@RadleyBradley I have spent around 2400$ on this just in purchasing. then account for hours spent designing in cad. programming in cam. and actually machining. I pay nothing for parts or material when making it myself. i like my boss :D… I would however need to pay for 3rd party services e.g. anodising.or other surface treatment The deal with my boss is, i can make parts for me, its not okay to machine stuff to sell. I’ m afraid i cant and wont help you with your request.

what i can do is share my files. and you can see if its worth it to you to have it machined locally… however. everything is metric. just fyi.


@Gaza65 so cool :smile: . I would love to try a 4x4 to see if the steep gravel climbs im having trouble with would get much easier. but cost just adds up quickly. e-toxx gears drives are so nice. also a little prohibitive pricewise. esp for 2 :smiley:

you prefer mbs F5 bindings ? i have thought about buying them. see if its better than the trampa ones.


unfortunately not that stylish, but… I would always recommend the F5 if you just about to buy new bindings.


Why do you recommend the mbs bindings? I have some from trampa but I see many guys telling those mbs are better

thanks. more ppl seem to be using them… stylewise… boards are cool as hell regardless :wink:

i guess it faux leather. or Pleather. im no fan but… comfort :wink:

plastic L-brackets, no issue ?