E- skateboarder hit by car!

Oh man… :cry: Esk8’rs don’t rely on the cars to stop :crying_cat_face: Definitely not worth your life. Take that 5-10 secs to chill and let the car pass. Just my 2cents. I definitely don’t play that game riding in SF. Car wins = :raised_hands:


Yea I ride in SF every day and never run red lights, not worth the risk, even if all the other bicycles zoom past.

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Run enough red lights and one day you’ll get hit. A fraction of a second and this could have been a lot worse. Doesn’t look like he was wearing any protective gear either. No matter who has the right of way, skater loses.

Not worth your life.

Yeah he admits that he was in the wrong. As he approached the lights they were green turning orange and there was construction around so he had to go around. He knew it was cutting it fine but thought he would make it.

Safety first.

Cutting it close isn’t just bad for the skater, it’s bad publicity. When I got into quadrocopters and kept seeing reports in the news of idiots flying close to airports, or in disrespecting manners…pissed me off.
They (being the man)only want to start banning things or adopting new rules and regulations when bad things happen.

A case in one state, becomes an example in another. Since this is a relatively new sport/hobby…think of yourselves more as ambassadors of the sport.
Not saying you can’t boogie down the road, but there’s a time and place for everything.

That said…ride safe and have fun.


These batteries should still be good to use right?

Looks like just scratch… Please wear helmet next time.

I don’t have enough pixels to clearly see but on the one on the right looks worse off. But it didn’t open so just reshrink it and make sure it balances! Lol

LOL im not going to re use them. But they actually measure up ok.

@lowGuido Is the resistance Low too? I can imagine that the resistance of the damaged cell riser significantly… Edit: did your holy velcro Fall apart?

This board didnt have any velcro on it.

Not the case at all here, but I see quite a few vids of e-skaters weaving in and out of dense stop-start city-centre traffic - it seems crazy as hell to me :sweat:

They are just missing the duct tape! :grin:

Dave you must be bored answering posts from 10 months ago hahahaah

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Shut your mouth! I’ll wheelchair you son!


u gotta find another hobby, like crochet, or maybe a crippling drug problem.


Maybe @psychotiller can invent like an esk8 word search puzzle or something?

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I still have some of the cells from that broken pack. the one cell that hit the ground lost its charge after a week or so, but the other cells live on.

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Ya’ll gonna get @psychotiller going and there’s gonna mass killing by a guy in a wheel chair and a beard…and everyone’s gonna think its me, thats not cool :).

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