E-Switch @ Reasonable Cost

FYI. Finishing up a rebuild and found that my e-switch wasn’t working. Searching for a esk8 specific switch had few options at a price I didn’t want to keep hitting. Another local esk8er pointed me to this:

Exact(?) duplicate to the one I bought for $60 elsewhere is $29 here at an e-cycle shop…

Have fun :wink:


@esk8 .de sells the Vedder switch for like 30€

Bestech bms comes with a free e-switch. No one can beat that price.


Antispark XT90S is only a couple of $.

Thanks! Ordered one. Pretty sure this is the same manufacturer as torqueboard’s switch.

How can we keep them alive though

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It’s a disposable E-switch Use it once and throw it away.


I’ll stick to my besttech​:joy::joy:

@karma is right the Anti Spark key is a great cheap way of doing it as well. I also have a switch or two for sale right now and you can see more about that here. Also the switch that you linked looks like a great deal for $29.

They also have a cheap watt meter that I’ve seen for 2x the price on other esk8 sites. I came over from ebikes and have used luna cycle for a handful of purchases in the past w/o any issues.

these may or may not use appropriate mosfets. if they do they should be no problem.

my first torqueboards switch had no problem

@Jinra yeah I’ve been really wanting to take apart one of these style switches so I can figure out how they work, and why they fail. Though this one is so cheap I might just buy it and take it apart lol.

It’s funny, the pre production model of the raptor 2 suffered the same common issue and got stuck in always on. I wonder if they fixed it for production.

The company in China that makes them may have switched (no pun intended) to a cheaper and inferior mosfet without any disclosure of said change

I’m using these

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I use these by @goldenHusky. They are 29€ or $35, depending on your location. Tacking is $10-$19 depending on locationad tracking requirments. Ive had no issus so far.

I’m using similar. Bullet proof!

How do you connect a switch to operate the relay?

Not sure about @Jebe but I use a [on centre-off on] momentary rocker switch which delivers current to one or the other coil in my mechanical latching relay switch. Current to one coil (momentarily) - makes the circuit (no spark), current to the other coil (momentarily) - breaks the circuit. Job done. I break the circuit in the negative pole.

So any momentary switch would work. Like the momentary button switch that hover board uses? This is very interesting.