E-Toxx DirectDrive VS Trampa Vesc6 VS Leopard 8072-170kv VS Nowind

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Where you get all this funny shit :joy:

@racidon Nice Dude you got it running ! Are you running in FOC or in BLDC ?

YES! Ive been waiting for this day!

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Sweet as bro, like the matching flutes on the Leopard adapters, not going to get in the way of keeping em cool. Nice touch with practical application :wink:

Clearance Looks tight, what set up are you running on the trucks in the rear? Outer yellow or?

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Just following roughly the form of the Leopard…

No its actually a Elastomere Damping Element … All honor is @Duffman… he testet this a year or longer ago… their is a tread on German forum

Maybe he will translate in english anytime… i know he is really busy…

Will check also with just springs added if their is any clearence conflict


I just Google the type of meme I want, and click images. Presto,… all the memes to my disposal. :grinning:


Removed the Beltpulleys from the Leo´s, they where only glued …

Take a Torch, wait until it smell (-;

Grap the Pulley in a Vice, turn the motor and move it out

wipe of old glue :

I shortened the Shafts with a angle grinder, fresh cutter and one fast cut… easy This is what needet to remove on the normal E-Toxx Direct Drive, about 33mm free shaft length… about 11mm on the Leo´s

Glued the new spurs to the shaft, use brake cleaner first, aply fresh Loctide 603 or 638 …

Turn the shaft and make sure that you reach most of the contact area let it sit, make sure that nothing ran into the bearing/motors (-;

Forget about the thread you see here, its not enough flesh … only glue !

Checked again for the super tight fit …

So the cutoff in the adapter is also need for clearence to the truck clamping part @Cobber Not only for venting :kissing_closed_eyes:

Holy Shit this is tight IMO

The mount use see here is a prototyp, was testing if it make sense to machine some pockets for wheight reduction in the stainless mount… laying around and just use it for checking clearence now

I mount it on one of the full machined aluminium ones, here the clearence to the Baseplate is about 7mm per side smaller then on the regular Direct Drive… will now mount the stuff for max tilt clearence check

:imp: come back later :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


:astonished: Got lucky there dude… couldn’t have designed it tighter if you tried! How does the clearance look out the back of the board. Do the motors protrude past the rear tires, or are they just inside too?

the motors probably stick past it. on my drive setup with 6374’s the motors just barely clear. about 3-5mm inside 8" street tires. those beasts are way bigger. cant wait for the video jens:smiling_imp:

yeah the 80mm Outrunners will stick out of the wheels… no way to avoid this with only 60mm CtC

But hey its not that much and show me any other drive system which come only close to this compact style

Also it would be maybe nice as an upgrade to have some “Leo Adapters” which where able to carry a Brace (-; BTW i have to redesign the Adapters anyway for use with the Stainless drive parts because of clearence issues for the two nuts in the motor area…

Dont forget about the full tilt meassurements :

PLENTY (-; more then the trucks with dampas are capable IMO


DId your 6374 Motors actually reach the limit, (producing alot of heat) ? or is it your thought to get more torque from the Leos ?

looks awesome and dangerous anyway.

greets Notger

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Mainly its just pushing the Limits :sunglasses:


Nice, but did you reach the Limit of the 6374 allready ?

On hot summerdays i meassured about 60degree inside… thats the safe limit IMO

80mm Leo’s making your gear box look tiny.

Sounds cool Bro, are you thinking three scalloped rods/ bars or a mono brace?

Looks Muscly Dude!

To get full advantage of VESC 6 I’d add hall sensors to those leos, I think burnouts from stand still would not be an issue then :smiley: It’s pretty simple, you just may need to mill small slots between stator ribs and then glue halls with soldered cables :sunglasses:

Just my two cents, as always Jenso, You keep pushing boundaries further and further!


Why would sensors keep this thing from burnouts? If the wheel slips the hall sensor does not know that. Sensors only help cogging issues and to get the motor going - they are not used for traction control AFAIK

You misunderstood my post, I meant that this should be one hell of a tyre smoking board :smiley:

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I do not know the leos from inside, but with some motors you could just glue them between the starot teeth. Sure then they are perpendicular tu the rotormagnets but that does not seem to matter. At least in my sk3 that worked if there is enough space above the windings

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That’s why I put “may” in that sentence :wink: I had to in my emax GT5345, gaps were to narrow but assuming Leo’s are 80mm outrunners it indeed may be possible to simply glue sensors in stator gaps :sunglasses:

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Maybe I’m missing the point, I think Jenso wants to see what brakes :punch: first…E-Toxx DD V’s Vesc6 V’s 80mm Leo… this is destruction testing! Just hope Jenso, doesn’t blow up batteries trying, that would be a win for all three!!! & biggest fireworks yet!

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