E-toxx still selling stuffs?

I just wondering if E-toxx still selling there stuffs? Been knowing them for awhile back but on their website is always out of stock for everything. If there is any brand that sells similar items I would love to know.

What parts you want? I think E-toxx is most famous for his gear drives, so I suppose that is what you want?

can also look at stuff from @Kaly & @3DServisas

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I tried to look for a chain drive system and some motor mounts which compatible with Trampa trucks. Thanks anyways!

Yes, Jenso is in full swing.

Cheers from Hamburg/Germany René

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Can just second @rene ,

@Nowind is still making great and new stuff.

The website is never up to date. Best to send Jens an email via his website or Instagram. You can also check is sale thread on the . He is more active there lately I guess.


thanks for the information =)