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Hey Friends

After nearly 3 years without a fkn webshop here we go now :slight_smile:

Its not completed and alot parts are missing but i want some feedback from your guys … Its far away from perfect but i hope that people can now better get an overview of my parts.

Please feel free to comment if you like or not or whats missing

Hang Loose Jenso


Wahnsinn! I mean they look so nice… :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


Nice! Awesome pics

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Thanks You, pictures are taken in my workshop… best is parts really look like this in reality Coulors are so fkn bright



Nice shop @Nowind - Good job.

Will a 80mm motor fit your trampa MTB direct drive?

Yes with an Adapter like this :

APS Adapter :

Similar i got for Leopard 8072 … but not anadozized actually

With the Stainless Drive it was possible to fit 8085 Aliens, not absolutely sure if this is still possible with the thicker Aluminium One…

leopard 8072 will fit for sure :






:beers: awesome to see dude! i’ll go check it out…


i’ll have a direct drive in black, another hanger… but how am I going to mount my encoder, send me a pm JensoBro!


Oooeeh fancy! Are there any good sensored 80mm motors available? The Leopard’s aren’t correct? Might switch my unsensored sk3’s out for those then upcoming winter.

The site looks slick man!

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Thanks Man

Thanks Bro, have a look around (-;

Bro … Dont be shy with Black colour its an fkn MTB… stealth is not possible :sunglasses: In the end i think its easier to implement Halls inside the Motor then mounting the encoder This will be a different game on a bad Inrunner :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thans Dude,

yeah have an look at Alien APS … many different options… also a special Edition with 10mm Shaft, 3mm Keyway, 165kv and Sensors :

The Leos are not sensored, and i destroyed one … but used them for around 2 years so no problem


@Nowind well done! The site looks great and ohhh those direct-drive setups look incredible!


@treenutter thanks man for your kind words… always playing this game with all my passion

Have a great evening / or day … where ever you are :thinking:


orange and blue clash with my gold scorpion bling…

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Thats True brother… Yeah black is never wrong … what we do about the Encoder? I got AS5047 Encoders, and lots of Aluminium… should i start some machining?

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do it JensoBro!

i’ll pm you…

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Dude it was worth the wait - your website looks amazing!! And your new anadozied colour range shows off how incredible your design and craftsmenship is :heart_eyes:

Well done buddy - can’t wait to see more people riding around your quality parts :metal::smiling_imp::metal:


Thanks Mate for your really kind words! Man i always looking for some nice riding video from you… but this Vesc never let you ride like you hoped for it … isnt it ?! Man one day we all have a big esk8 meeting and ride and party hard

Just addet some Adapters and fixxed some Link Problems… man its not that easy for a computer noob :joy:

Already sold two Direct Drives… Awesome start… thanks for the support New Insane Stuff will come soon



Do the Leopard 110’s fit Jenso


or do you need to go down to 98 or 92?

Yeah I’ve had quite a few technical issues/injuries which have prevented me from riding hard. HOWEVER, I’m desperate to ride it and I’m gonna make a couple of mods this weekend and take it to the dirt park and I’ll make sure there’s a video with a couple of big jumps for you!

And YESSSSSS let’s get an ESK8 ride/party organised – would love to drink and ride with my eMTB brothers! :metal::beers: