E100 Razor scooter

Since i started riding my esk8 my girlfriend really wanten something similar, but she can’t ride a skateboard. I have a friend with a Razor e100 electric scooter i can get real cheap. Would this be a Good base to build a scooter from? Since it already has a drivetrain etc… I know it is a skate forum but maybe someone can help me

I don’t see why you couldn’t. upgrading the motor, ESC and battery could make this the nastiest scooter there is.

Every time I go thrift shopping i see three or four of these for $10 each. Making the handlebars taller and the wheelbase longer would be my first step. If I start rebuilding it’ll need to do 25mph at min, so stability is key. Replace those wheels with modified hub motors from a “hoverboard” and you’ve got a marketable product! If i find something larger with at least one disc brake i’ll be in business.

I think the same thing when i see the larger ones at walmart or in thrift stores. Rig up a wheel pulley and a motor bracket, a box for all the goodies under the frame and its done. And yeah, disc brakes? Bonus.

@Mathieu Do you have an instagram? Look up adapt_freestlye_products
Maybe you can do something like what they did?

Half longboard half scooter its really cool.

I think they use enertion motors and parts

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I was just looking for something similar and found this:

Same thing really. But easier to make with hub motors. Making one for my 74 year old dad!