Earn Cash | Become an Enertion Certified Build Expert & Reseller

- Are you interested in growing the DIY e-board industry? - Are you a motivated person with an entrepreneurial spirit? - Are you interested in establishing a secondary income stream?

As it currently stands I don’t have anyone reselling enertion products anywhere in the world… mainly because I didn’t structure my business to work that way & mostly because the people who have contacted me so far have never backed up their intentions with actions. This is probably also due to the fact that I didn’t have any framework in place for people to understand how they might proceed.

Since the state of California has now made electric skateboards legal this industry will begin to rapidly grow. More & More people will want high performance, custom made eboards to make their daily movements more efficient. The DIY electric skateboard will eventually become the normal way people acquire an electric skateboard. Of course people will still buy the pre-built in-a-box options but eventually people will realise they can get a better product with better performance if they have it custom made to suit their individual needs. Just like now, if you are enthusiastic about skateboards you buy parts and make your own skateboard, with the deck you like & wheels you like. Eboards will be exactly the same.

The enertion brand is going from strength to strength and I have been focusing all of my attention towards making reliable & professional grade components that have really low failure rates. I think people can see this in our products and they now associate the enertion brand with quality. But not everyone has the skills to build their own rig and there are many people who simply don’t want to order parts from across the other side of the globe and risk the problem of not being able to build the board when they get the parts.

So I have been thinking of ways to enable a B2B cooperation with keen builders across the globe. After careful consideration I think there are three steps to getting involved with the enertion brand if you are serious about making some cash doing what you love.

》STAGE1. Become an “Enertion Certified Eboard Builder”. Someone who builds custom-made boards for my website customers. Example. Someone in the states buys gear from me and then can’t work out how to install it. So they go to you and pay a “build fee” based on the hours of work you do.

This is the starting point if you are interested in becoming involved with enertion, as there is little risk or financial investment on your behalf. It’s also probably a good way to see how things naturally evolve. You can learn what products you like best and become more knowledgeable at a steady pace. But you don’t make money from selling my products and I’m still offering the customer the support & warranty. You just build boards for people and charge them an hourly rate.

IMPORTANT: To become certified you need to build an electric skateboard for yourself… using mostly enertion parts. It needs to be a quality build! You need to document the build process and create a build thread here: www.electric-skateboard.builders showing your handy work. I will use the build thread to evaluate your skillz & if I like what I see I will certify you as an official “enertion eboard builder” I will promote you and your business on our website which gets well over 20K of hits per month from people looking to buy/make an eboard. I’ll also email our customer base advertising your services.

Being an Enertion Certified Builder you are also expected to get involved with the community here at www.electric-skateboard.builders and help people with the questions they post… which turns out to be a great way to promote your services to people who run into problems.

》STAGE 2. Become an “Enertion Certified Builder & Reseller” This is when a customer wants you to do the whole build for them. You buy the parts from me after they have paid you a deposit. The customer is yours and they don’t buy anything directly from me. You now offer the support directly to the customer. You communicate with me if there are problems. I give you a discount code so you make some profit on the parts you resell & you also charge a build fee based on the hours you spent.

This option has minimal risk also. It is also probably better for the customer as they deal with a local expert from start to finish to get the build they want. You become a one-stop-shop. But you can’t do this if you don’t prove yourself with option one first. I would also start advertising you as a “Enertion Certified Builder & Parts Reseller” on a special page on my website which will generate lots of leads. Now it’s up to you to see if you can build some really nice boards and build a reputation. If you can’t succeed at Option 1. Option 2 is not a good idea.

》STAGE 3. You are a “Certified Enertion Stockists”. You have most things in stock ready to sell or use in customer builds etc. You must buy parts in bulk from Enertion as there are minimum order quantities set by me. Your profit margin scales up with your order size, the more gear you sell the more profits you can make. This option is available if you are successful with option 2. There is more money to be made for you and more risk. As I like to say…You need to put your money where you mouth is!

NOTE: To reach level 3 you must progress through each stage starting from level 1.

If you are interested let me know your thoughts?


Sounds very interesting. I suppose you are only looking at interest from Overseas?

No, this is for anyone interested… At this stage I don’t have any intention on offering custom made builds for people in australia, i simply don’t have the resources to do that… However eventually i will limit the destinations so that each certified person doesn’t have to compete with each other… you don’t want someone popping up next door trying to undercut you. It all depends on population density & demand… But that will take few years before that happens. First in best dressed!

I’ve got at least 5 people who really want me to build them a board… I’ve just been to lazy, but maybe I’ll actually think about following through with their request.

At this point I’m also assuming you don’t want a 16 year old building board’s for your customers, but would there be a way to get a slight discount if I were ordering multiple full setups (like propulsion kit, motor, vesc, etc) to build board’s for people I know personally?

I totally understand if that’s undoable, but I was just wondering.

It’s cool to see how far you’ve come with the whole business!

I am very interested. I am still new to building electric skateboards but have lots of experience with electronics through my robotics team. Its funny because I was thinking when I get some more experience building electric skateboards I would get into distributing them due to the interest people have taken to my board. So I got real excited when I saw this post. Anyway I would love to be a part in the growing electric skateboard industry. It is truely exoting. I will post a build thread when I finalize my board. I agree with cmatson if you don’t want high school students distributing your product I understand.

Thanks Hans

Actually this is not true. Age often has nothing to do with one’s ability.

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@locktight @cmatson age has nothing to do with this.

To qualify for Level 1 & Become a Certified Enertion Builder all you need to do is demonstrate you can build a quality eboard. You basically just need to buy some enertion parts and build a board. The minimum of parts would be.

  1. Space Cell
  2. VESC
  3. Motor Mounts
  4. R-SPEC Motors

Use whatever deck you want. Caliber trucks is ok, ABEC 11 Flywheels is ok.

@cmatson… technically you have already 90% qualified. I suppose I need to see your final build, I know you’re nearly finished!

Then I can refer customers to you who need help to build their boards, i’ll use a link to your build thread so customers can see your skillz, it’s then up to you to convince them (if they contact you) that you can build something to their liking and get them to pay you for your time.

HOT TIP: make a really awesome board, take really good photos and make a really nicely thought out build thread demonstrating your process and showcasing your results - your build thread becomes an Advertisement of your building skillz. I would also suggest you come up with a Business Name that is unique and memorable. Maybe gets some stickers made up to put on each build you do. Then you can keep adding photos of your customers builds to your build thread to further showcase your work.

So basically it’s your business, I’m just sending you clients looking for someone to complete their build using enertion parts.

This is a great idea! My only issue right now is time…Would there be a conflict of interest with my parts if I produced more?

You can continue to make enclosures, In fact i will recommend people use your ABS vacuum formed products to ensure the components are well protected. It makes the board look heaps better too.

Eventually i will have an enclosure too, but it will be different to what you’re doing. Probably carbon fiber.

I may make some more 6" wheels…Finger’s on the trigger. I’ll put some thought into this for sure.

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Awesome! It’s definitely not possible to build the industry on my own, we must all work together! If we all have a stake in this we can accelerate the industry rapidly.

I’d love to make another e-board to expand my knowledge. But first I need to work more at my dad’s company and maybe get a bit older. At my age the only problem is that my friends love the idea of an eboard but they don’t have the money to make one. Would love to join in the future though. Good luck with the business!

Wow this is cool. I have all my parts on order. I would love to somehow be part of the growth of the eboard. I will complete my post once my parts arrive.

I am making good progress with a full Enertion board project. On the mechanics side everything was simple, I put that down to ample Lego/Meccano experience as a child. On the electronics side I have made more progress after investing time, effort and cash into a soldering crash course and getting the right equipment.

My original plan was to get this project finished before the end of the summer (in Switzerland) and cruise around with a few business cards in my pocket to hand out should I get any interest. VESC & logistics delays means that the plan has been delayed overall but I still think I should be ready in a month or so. My plan is then to try and promote it as a lux (=expensive) Christmas present to be delivered by Spring. No one is going to be boarding here while there is snow and ice on the ground!!.

There is a big market here for rich boyz toyz (too many bankers!!), so potential for EBoards too I think. I’d be interested in being involved but would want to represent Enertion in a geographical area that included at least the whole of Switzerland on an exclusive basis. Interested?

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the plan is to have a certified enertion builder in every country (and eventually every state/region)

Someone on the ground that can help people with importing parts, building there boards and getting service done.

Just like a bike needs to be “serviced” I also think eboards need a tune up every now & then.

  1. Replacing belts.
  2. Wheels & bearing replacement.
  3. Firmware upgrades.
  4. Battery replacement.
  5. General tuning.

And most importantly sales & support.

This stuff might seem simple to most of us. But in the future there will be people riding skateboards who don’t know anything about building one or how the work.

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will this mean that there might eventually be US distribution? (and other countries of course)

Also, I agree with the serviced idea, with one thing to add: maybe rather than just having one head guy for every region/country, you also have a list of minor people who can help with the smaller stuff. For example, if you have a list of people that you have “certified” to be able to replace peoples’ belts, wheels, bearings, etc, I think it could make the overall system even more fluid.

A guy in florida might not want to have his board shipped to California because of a broken belt that he can’t figure out how to replace(lets just say your head rep is there for an example) when there is a local guy who can replace the belt in 5 minutes. Bigger things like battery replacement and sales can be left for the head guy, but I think his job would be a lot easier with the local guys helping out here and there.

Just a minor suggestion! it could be as simple as a list on your website of all your “minor” certified builders with their city location and email.

I think the 3 levels that I defined sort of achieve what your saying.

Some people with more time money and motivation will naturally filter through and become larger, they may also start supplying to the smaller guys who might be in the local area. (That’s probably a few years away though)

Some of the small guys might end up having such a great reputation they expand beyond their original goals.

We won’t know until we give it a go!

I think it needs to be clearly reiterated that each individual can make this what they want it to be.

I am simply putting down a basic framework so people can map out what they want to achieve.

I will be here to help, offer guidence, help develop import strategies- of course I need to make sure I am offering support to everyone and everyone is supporting me back… But i think the most successful people are the ones who carve out their own niche.

They will tell me what they want/need to grow and it is for me to work hard to make it happen.

For the younger guys who want to get involved in spare time after school and on the weekends that’s perfectly ok. You must clearly define your abilities and what you can offer to the customers. You might only have the capacity to serve a 15km area. So that’s what you focus on.

This concept of distribution will evolve naturally as the market requires it to. I am prepared to be flexible and adaptive to local needs in each country.

The most important thing is that it is builders of eboards that are the leaders of the industry. WE certainly don’t want a bunch of suits involved that are NOT on the ground working with the people.

The major goals are;

  1. Customers get a better deal, better service & better builds.
  2. Builders of eboards get some bonus income.
  3. Enertion sales increase, I can improve my offerings. Economy of scale.

This industry needs to be nutured and carefully developed over several years. Let’s take it step by step.


That almost sounds painful Jason :wink: (nurtured)

Ouch. Nurtured sounds much better. :wink:

I’m interested in all of these options. I’m in the process of setting up a store for bits and pieces such as belts, bolts, wires, adapters, and volt meters, as well as my own custom eboard decks with matching boxes. This past weekend I set up a development site for the shop as well as my blog. The mold i had CNC’d for my decks will be arriving this week. I was planning to also sell custom completes using enertion equipment anyway, so this would be a bonus. I’m still a little ways out from opening for business and still trying to work everything out. Setting up shop is hard!