Ebay BMS, where da batteries go?

So I’m looking at this BMS on Ebay, looks decent for $22. But I cannot understand this diagram…

Normally the B- port is usually the NEG from the battery pack, the C- port is usually the NEG for the charge port, the P- port is usually the NEG for the LOAD, or VESC’s in this case. If that can be assumed to be true then I assume I would connect as normal and the POS does not connect to the BMS at all, but then it says “the common positive B+”, and It just got confusing as hell. Plus the color codes are non-standard, so I’m not sure if the black or the blue is POS or if any of them are POS!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

This looks right to me. The positive (the last wire connected, B10?) Gets used by the BMS for all the positives of the other cells for balancing…

Mine’s the same if I remember correctly.

Although I actually bypassed discharge from the BMS in the end and let the VESC handle discharge limits. Even though my BMS is rated for 80A discharge! :confused:

That’s what I thought too, but the BMS color codes have me all confused :slight_smile:.

The only reason I’m not bypassing discharge is because I want to use the switch…maybe…not sure yet. Still working through how I’m gonna do this.

Yeah I think you may have to ignore colours and just go with labels… Lol.

No I get that, the switch is super handy. You may as well go with the discharge if you’re not going to be drawing more than 60A.

That’s the thing, not sure if am or not. Ill post more when I have the thing assembled and tested. This is a new type of build for me, so I’m trying to take my time.

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Here’s the diagram for use with x2 5s Lipo(s)…if you good folks wouldn’t mind double checking me. thanks

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Yes, that looks fine to me. Although I don’t have a bms

What about you @Namasaki, does this look correct?

both diagrams look correct to me

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