Ebay board | caliber II trucks | turnigy sk3 6374 249kv | 2x 3s 5000mah | 150A xcar esc | custom kydex enclosure | custom 2.4ghz controller


Looks great dude :+1: those white Calibers are making me jealous…

Sweet build! Also love the colors you have so far. Question for ya, what was your process for making the kydex enclosure? Anyhow, good luck on the rest of your build.

What is the height of your enclosures?

Thanks! School colors!

If you search for “thermoforming” a user here has some excellent tutorial videos. Basically he makes a mold, and a kind of tortilla press with the negative, heats it up and molds the plastic between them.

I didn’t bother with the negative mold and press, trying to just mold it over the form with my hands, and using a heat gun to finish it off, which resulted in having to cut away the big wrinkles and using a moldable epoxy and pain to fill the cracks. I highly reccomend not doing this, it was a bitch. If you had a vacuum forming machine you could make really really nice looking enclosures.

I found that 2x4 lumber was just the right thickness for my batteries, and that two 2x4’s side by side was the perfect width (so 1.5" thick and 7" wide)

Ahh gotcha. I’ve seen a lot of vacuum tutorials but, I was hopping there might have been an easier way. I noticed you made your enclosures so I thought I’d ask. Thanks for clarifying. I may eventually make a vacuum but for now I’ll just use a cheap pre-made storage receptacle.