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Ebay dangerous jst connector

So I order a jst series connector from ebay so I can charge my 2 3s batteries at the same time and turn 2 3s batteries into one 6s battery essentially. But when I go to plug them in it sparks and smokes. Who can tell what is wrong with the wiring?

You need to cut that middle red wire. They all come that way.


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Now I’m wondering if I shouldn’t have cut the red wire.

Nope you shouldn’t have. You had them plugged in backwards. You need to swap the balance leads so they are in the proper order in series.

Well I guess I’m ordering another lol.

No soldering iron? Nudge nudge.

Yes I do but I’m very OCD when it comes to cleanliness and the connector was 4.99 shipped

I thought that was the only way you could balance charge in series. Parallel is different

Cutting the red wire is fine. In fact I recommend it.
There is already 2 other topics on this exact thing.

I de-pinned the red wire. The charger seems to read all 6 cells fine and charge fine but the max amps it will charhe with both hooked up at the same time is 2.2 amps rather than 4.2 with each 3s hooked up at once. Uploading…

Continuing the discussion from Charging 2 x 3S Lipo's in series: please look over my schematic:

pay special attention to this part:

[quote]also by removing the red wire from you balance lead helps remove confusion about plugging which in where and generating shorts. the balance lead with the +ve red wire simply connects to the pack with the thick red charge wire. [/quote]

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Thanks for the clarification.

Do not unplug that wire. Get a new connector. You’re going to ruin your battery.

I have the same charger, it is only 50W. 50w / 22.2v =2.2A.
I charge 5s in parallel, my max is 2.6A.

This is what as chaka said, you need to switch the balance plug around. You dont need to cut anything. If the series harness is always attach, cutting or not cutting doesnt change anything. If you cut it and you detatch series harness it wont charge as 6s batteries.

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I always suggest you cut the red wire off because if you do accidentally get it the wrong way around you wont short across your entire battery.

you are right it makes absolutely no difference if its cut or not, but its just safer to be cut. in case…
you still need to put them the right way around in either case.